How-To Thursday: First Date Romantic Makeup

There are a lot more things to worry about when going on a first date but, on top of all that, you shouldn’t forget your makeup look because your date will be staring at your face the whole time. Your face doesn’t have to be “complicated” (false eye lashes, multi-colored eyeshadow, airbrushed foundation and etc) but it does have to be “romantic” (simple, fresh, and glowing).

It’s How-To Thursday so we’re going to show you how you can create a simple, no-fuss, first date romantic makeup look.

1. Highlight

Highlight Using a Lighter ConcealerI already did my foundation and my eyebrows before I highlighted. I used a lighter concealer to highlight the following areas: under eye area, bridge of my nose, my chin and the center area on my forehead.

2. Set

Set Your Highlights Using Powder Use the fluffiest brush you have to get some powder (either loose or compact) and lightly brush it over your highlights to set it.

3. Highlight Again

Highlight Your Brown BoneTake a shimmery pink or a shimmery white eye shadow and highlight your brow bone with it. You can definitely use your fingers, I did.

4. Peanut

Apply a Peanut Colored EyeshadowTake a peanut colored eye shadow and apply it on your lids. The name of the color i’m using isn’t really peanut but it’s the closest name of a brown shade that I could think of. If you have a shimmery version, like I did, go for that instead of the matte.

5. Mauve

Apply a Mauve Colored EyeshadowApply a mauve colored eye shadow on your crease to deepen the look. It will also help blend out the darker color that we’re going to apply next.

6. Chocolate & Highlight

Apply a Chocolate Colored Eyeshadow Plus HighlightTake a dark chocolate colored eye shadow and apply it on your outer V going inward to your crease. Highlight the inner area of your eye using the same color you used on your brow bone.

7. Finishing Touches

Makeup Finishing TouchesThe last few things to do: apply eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, gloss and then blush. OH! Don’t forget to curl your hair. Bouncy curls are always more romantic and girly.

First Date Romantic Makeup

Romantic First Date MakeupIt’s simple, it’s not over the top and it’s appropriate for a romantic first date. The look highlights your best features which is what we were going for. HE won’t be able to take his eyes off you! So what do you think?

Are you ready for that date yet?


Signature - Mea P. (Author)