How To Thursday: Dilute Dried Up Mascaras

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Heya everyone and welcome to another How-To Thursday post. Today, we are going to do a bit of beauty experiment. I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and I came across helpful beauty hacks. I thought that it might be helpful to do a post showing how to do it and then reviewing the result — if it really works or not. The beauty hack chosen: Diluting dry mascaras.

Girls are simply GA-GA over makeup. It’s like an addiction because once you’ve had a tiny taste, you will get hooked. I’ve been there but thankfully I broke the habit of buying too much makeup that I end up not using. There’s still a few “incidents” that happen but, most of the time, I just buy what I need. This mascara was not a “buy what I need” moment.

Now, onto the experiment:

It’s All Dried Up

If you’ve been using makeup for a long time, you’ll know what the difference is between a fresh mascara and a dried up one. Dried up mascaras are usually clumpy, hard to spread, and sticky. You won’t get a lot of product out of your tube and it may not apply as well on your lashes. You’ll be able to see crusts or bits of dried up mascara when you apply it.
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There are a lot of reasons why mascaras dry up but I can only think of 3: they are passed their expiration date, you left them open for a long time, and you might have “pumped” the wand too much (by pump we mean moving your wand up and down will the tip is still inside the tube).HowToThursday - Dilute Dried Out Mascara -Getprettycomau (5)

Prepare the Following

HowToThursday - Dilute Dried Out Mascara -Getprettycomau (3)Prepare your eye drop and your dried out mascara. In my case, I used:

  1. Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara (Waterproof)
  2. Visine Eyedrops

I think the type of eye drop doesn’t really matter. You can use whatever you have in your medicine cabinet.


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Simply add 3-4 drops into your tube. Place the wand back and then roll the mascara tube back and forth between your palms to mix the drops and the product. Wait for a few seconds before you open it up.


The Verdict?

Left: Newly applied mascara primer; Right: Comparison after the drops have mixed.
Left: Newly applied mascara primer; Right: Comparison after the drops have mixed.

Honestly, it doesn’t look like it worked that well. I was expecting the mascara to be more manageable with a semi-solid consistency. It did dilute it a little bit since I was able to get more product out of the tubes but they still were not the results I wanted.

  • Would I try this method in the future? NO.


  • Would I recommend this method? YES and NO. YES if your mascara is newly bought but if it has gone passed the 3 month period, NO. Mascaras usually last for 3 months (ONLY — not a year). There is a bit of grace period after the 3 months but in order to avoid any type of eye infection, it would be best to just throw the tube away.


  • What’s going to happen to my Revlon Fantasy Eyes Mascara? I am going to let it sit for a bit and see if the consistency improves. It’s probably going to take a while since my mascara is waterproof. No improvements = discard.


Let us know if it the eyedrops method worked for you and your mascaras. Don’t be shy to leave a comment below. Until next Thursday!

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