How To Thursday: Avoid Procrastination

GetPrettyComAu - How to be productive daily (1a)For today’s How-to Thursday post, let’s take a break from putting on make-up and let’s talk about a topic that’s also as important as beauty. That topic is about being productive. If you feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do all the things you want to do (or the things that you’re suppose to do), you definitely have to continue reading.

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“I’m going to reward myself with a movie”, “I’m just going to take a nap”, “I’ll do it tomorrow” — are any of these lines familiar? They should be because they are just a few of the many lines used by people to divert their attention unto something other than the work or task they have to do. Don’t be shy to admit that you’ve used (or are using) one or two of these lines because I, myself, have as well. You are not alone in this battle.


The Way I See Procrastination

I read somewhere that Aquarians (born under the sign of the zodiac Aquarius — the water bearer) are grand procrastinators. I’m an Aquarian and I do tend to procrastinate but to a “grand” extent? I don’t think so. The way I see it, it’s  not that I like to procrastinate, well maybe I do but to me, it’s my mind telling me that this distraction is easier and it garners a more positive feeling because it’s fun to do whilst my work, my homework, or my project, on the other hand  is weighing, it gives me a headache, and it’s just too hard. Get the picture?

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You’re not helping Ryan Gosling.

You probably have felt the same way and this may not be a problem for you because you have mastered the ability to just snap out of it. I salute the strength of your will, my good sir/madam, if that’s the case, but most of the time, for other people (like myself) I end up getting lost — lost in time and lost in the distraction.


So What to Do?

GetPretty’s got your back! Here’s how you can remedy your time-wasting dilemma:

1. Take care of yourself as soon as you wake up.

Taking care of yourself means to: get some breakfast, get yourself ready, do your morning exercises. Adapt an exercise routine if you don’t have one because it really makes you more focused, especially in the morning. After doing this, you need to…


2. Think positive thoughts.

We know that it might be pretty hard to do this yourself so what we suggest is for you to gather inspiration from stimulating sources. Here’s one:

Hearing a pep-talk from a really really good looking guy has got to materialize some positive thoughts and feelings inside of you. Another suggestion is positive and inspiring quotes from someone you look up to, like, for me, Audrey Hepburn (she’s fabulous):

3. Condition yourself to be productive.

Procrastination happens on a mental level so before actually starting your day, you have to tell yourself to focus. Now, condition your mind to start thinking about your task or work positively. “Keep your eye on the prize”, as they say. Think about it backwards, start thinking about the goal being fulfilled and then work your way back to the steps that you have to do to reach that goal.


4. Block all Social Media Sites.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that most of our procrastination happens when we think about a certain social media website that has the initials F.B. To avoid this, it’s best to block them all out while your working. You can restore the access as soon as you’re done.

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5. “Amat Victoria Curam”.

This line was made popular by the movie “The Mechanic” and it means victory loves preparation. This basically tells you that in order for you to be productive and achieve your goals, you have to be prepared to do so. The night before, prepare a list of thins that you need to do for tomorrow. You can write down your priorities, your schedule, people you have to meet and contact and etc.

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Sometimes I feel like success doesn’t come my way because I’m not prepared for it but with laser-like focus and the list, success won’t have any other excuse not to come into my life and your life as well. I wanted to give you a FREE downloadable (and cute, let’s not forget that) checklist to use. It’s been helpful for me and I hope that it’ll be helpful for you too!

Much better Ryan Gosling. Much, much better.
Much better Ryan Gosling. Much, much better.

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