How To: Make your eyes look bigger and brighter

Situation 1: your boss asked you to work on some papers the entire night. Situation 2: you have a term paper due tomorrow. Either way, you are not going to look good tomorrow morning. Nobody wants to look like they’ve pulled off an all nighter– especially if they didn’t really do it. Tired looking eyes with bags under them can make someone look older and tireder than they really are.

Creams and the right skin care regimen might work, but if you’re looking for something that can work overnight then a few makeup tricks are your best bet. So what exactly is the secret? Is it concealer? or maybe some expensive eyeshadow? Well, concealer is part of it but you won’t need anything expensive, trust us. Here are a few of those tips and tricks to add to your makeup routine to get brighter, bigger and fresher eyes.

Start here: Let’s start with your usual makeup routine if you have one. If you don’t have one, don’t panic. You can read our article on the natural makeup look. Start with the usual: foundation, concealer and setting.

Concealer tip and trick: when applying concealer on your dark under eye circles, make sure to apply them with a “V” formation. This is perk up the skin underneath the eyes, making you look like you’re more awake — and you didn’t even have to drink anything caffeinated.

Next is to do your eyebrows. Take note that you may shape your brows in any way that you want but you’re doing a natural look so make sure to blend out the edges of it. A thicker brow tends to look more natural but if you want a more of an arch, then go for it as long as it’s not too villainy.

Move on to your eyes. Apply eyeliner as close to your lashline as possible ( this is called tightlining). Thick lines can sometimes look too harsh and obvious. Curl your lashes and proceed to applying mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Eyeliner tip and trick: Try lining thicker on the outer part of your eye and then slowly go thinner and thinner as you work your way in. This will give the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

Now the best part. The main ingredient: White Eyeliner! You apply this on your lower water line and you can instantly see the difference afterwards! Use a cotton swab to blend out harsh lines and smudges. And you have instant bright and bigger eyes!

Play it up: White eyeliners work well but you can also opt for other colors such as a peachy color. A peach colored eyeliner looks more natural than the white one and it won’t look as obvious. You can also play with a variety of other colors as long as they’re pastel — so you can still achieve that bright and fresh look.

Now you can do a great job on those papers and pull off finishing your term paper and still look good the following morning!