How to Grow your Hair Faster

If you’re the type of person that’s not really into hair extensions then the next best thing is to grow your hair out. It may take some time to do it but luckily you have help! We’ll show you ways to grow your hair faster as well as hair care tips for long hair. It may be tricky but if you just follow everything to the t, it will all be worth it.

Typically when you grow out your hair, you’ll need patience and a lot of it. Our hair normally grows about a half an inch in one month, which is totally not fast enough. So to make the process fast forward a little bit, you’ll need the right things:

1.The right hair care products or hair growth products

2. The right hair supplements that focus on hair growth

3. And the right hair care routine

That’s it. It’s really that easy. So let’s zoom in on each one.

Hair care products — When you’re considering to grow-out your hair, it’s very important to have the right hair products that facilitate hair growth such as a hair growth shampoo or conditioner. You could also use hair growth oils if your hair is in need of that extra conditioning. You’d want something that’s moisturizing and something with lesser chemicals. Mane and Tail is one good example. The formula of the conditioner is the one responsible for making your hair grow-out faster while the shampoo complements it.

Supplements — While it’s good to have the right products that suit you, it isn’t enough to make hair grow faster and healthier. You already have something that targets the outside, now what you need is something that helps the inside. We’re talking about the right supplements (and the right diet of course). Make sure to eat healthy and couple that with the Vitamins B, E, C, and A (concentrate on vitamin B like a B-complex). Along with that, you’d have to make sure that you have the right dosage.

Hair care routine —  The most important thing is to moisturize. Don’t skip on that conditioner. Use something that’s less drying on your hair like natural hair growth products.

You’d have to protect your hair from split-ends (which is the number one problem when growing out your hair). To prevent this, your hair should be styled to protect your ends — like a ponytail and a bun. Basically, any style that prevents your ends from coming in contact with your clothes to prevent friction. If you have split ends already then a quick trim should do the trick, though, trimming is still recommended even without split-ends. Stay away from heat and chemicals for a while too.

Now that you know all three, you’re ready to start your journey. Remember the three “rights”: right products, right supplements (or diet), and the right care routine. Stick to these and you’ll be able to get something more than just a half inch in one month.

Tell us about your journey to long hair. Be patient and good luck!