Natural Acne Solutions and How to Get Rid of it Fast

There is not too many people that escape this one, and clear skin is so sought after that there are literally thousands of products on the market. Like me, I’m sure you have tried many. But, I am going to let you in on my all natural, almost entirely free, amazing way for clearing away acne.

It was on holidays that I discovered the best acne treatment and solution there is; the sun! Vitamin D from the sun has so many reported benefits, and although I don’t suggest staying out all day, reasonable exposure has proven very helpful to me. There is more about the benefits of Vitamin D at the Better Health Channel

It is not any of the skin care products or so-called acne remedies or even natural vitamins; that helped me personally, it was sunlight! If you haven’t tried this as an acne treatment, then get outside and enjoy it. What if you don’t like to take your shirt off while broken out? Consider the cost effectiveness as reason enough to sacrifice a few embarrassing moments in public. Besides, wouldn’t that be worth the pay off of enviously clear skin? At the same time, be aware of the dangers of over exposure, so do read up on this at the SunSmart site.

Also drink several glasses of water daily to help cure your acne. Some people recommend drinking as much as 2 litres of mineral water per day. If you have a dehydrated skin, dead skin cells are not effectively shed, which will result to clogged pores and more acne. Also, drinking water will not just nourish your skin but your whole body as well.

I can see you thinking ‘no way’! Could water and sunlight be so helpful?

In my opinion, this is far more superior and effective than any of the other methods I have tried. Obviously everyone
is different, but it has worked extremely well for me. The wonderful part is, that it’s all natural, you simply get some sun, drink plenty of fluids and also eat well. That is, eat locally grown and in season food every chance you get. Your body will tell you what you need…just don’t mistake cravings for necessity.

Cleaning the involved area with a mild soap or cleanser is a significant part of acne care. When putting up with acne, there is often at times a temptation to use astringent cleansers. Such products are in general not suggested for irritated skin.

An important element of acne care is to steer clear of irritations to the skin which might cause new outbreaks. Oily hair should be washed regularly and be kept pulled clear of the face and forehead areas when addressing acne on the face.

Females who are coping with outbreaks are often at times lured to conceal them with makeup. This can exacerbate the position and counteract the positive results of an acne care regimen, particularly if an oil-based makeup is used. While concealing acne with makeup can temporarily help manage humiliation or self-consciousness, it can hinder the healing process, so preventing putting foundations or other makeup on the annoyed area is the best bet.

People who are addressing acne are often inclined to pop or poke at zits or blackheads, either as they have a misconception that this is part of effective acne care or out of an easy desire to get rid of blemishes. This temptation should be avoided at any cost, since doing so only aggravates the situation and can likewise result in scarring.

Some more helpful natural solutions:

Tea Tree Oil

This amazing natural oil is often called natures miracle because of its excellent healing properties. It has been a helpful substance even to the native Australians for several centuries to cure different skin problems such as acne. It kills acne causing bacteria by the use of its antibacterial properties. Just apply a cotton ball with tea tree oil to the infected part each day to begin absorbing its beneficial effects.


Honey is an additional great cleanser for the skin and can also be combined with lemon juice and/or oatmeal. To make a honey oatmeal mask: Cook oatmeal, allow to cool and add some honey, and lemon if you like, apply on the face for fifteen minutes and wash.

Aloe Vera

This is actually available in a lot of health shops. The Aloe plant is fairly distinctive considering that it manages to survive in arid environments just from the strength of its own immune system. It therefore makes sense to use the gel to get rid of acne considering that it consists of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are all extremely powerful in by natural means treating your acne.

Just apply aloe gel on your acne overnight to experience its excellent healing capabilities.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds

A diet with fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds will make acne healing a lot faster. One good way to achieve this is by making smoothies and juices from fruits and vegetables, eat salad each day – even just having it as side dish with your main meal, and snack on nuts and dried fruits. Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are fantastic for getting rid of acne because they contain selenium (Brazils) and zinc (pumpkin seeds), deficiencies in these minerals have been linked to acne.


Drink several glasses of water daily to cure your acne. Try as much as you can to drink 2 liters of mineral water. If you have a dehydrated skin, dead skin cells are not effectively shed, which will result to clogged pores and more acne. Also, drinking water will not just nourish your skin but your whole body as well.

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So you’ve got a big date tomorrow, a presentation, a formal and you have a pimple, or maybe even a bunch of em, right? Here’s the secret overnight cure – forget about them. Yep, just forget about your acne. It’s a part of life. How do you think the guy or girl with only one leg feels, or the deaf person, or the blind person? They just get on with life. I know I’m drawing harsh comparisons, but the thing to see is, beauty comes from the inside. So the number one thing is, love yourself and be yourself.


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