How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Knowing how to apply any type of foundation properly can do wonders to your skin. Foundation is literally a miracle worker! The application process of foundation is as crucial as the type you’ve chosen to use.

Getting flawless and dewy looking skin is just moments away with this easy how-to guide on applying the right type of foundation with the right tool to use.

So what’s your type?

There are literally hundreds to choose from! So how do you know what type of foundation is suitable for you? You’ll know the answer to that if you know the answer to this first: What is your skin type?

1. I have oily skin – choose a foundation with an oil-free formula if you’re opting for a liquid one. You can also use powder foundation as this absorbs the oil better.

2. I have dry skin – try using a foundation that’s hydrating. Examples of these are foundations that come in sticks or liquid. If you really want to you use a powder foundation, make sure that its formula is hydrating.

3. I am acne prone – use a foundation with salicylic acid in its formula, which combats pimples. If you have sensitive skin, mineral foundations work best.

4. I have normal skin – lucky for you because you can choose any type of foundation you want. Crème/ mousse foundation is also a good suggestion.

Now that we have that covered (no pun intended), let’s move on to flawless finishes.

Tools to make this happen (choose one):

Foundation Sponges

Flat top brush (multi-purpose)

Foundation brush

Stippling brush (multi-purpose)

Or use what mother-nature gave you

Closer and closer to flawlessness! Let’s begin:

1. Make sure all your tools are clean! Prevention is always better than cure.

2. Moisturize your face or apply your favorite face primer. Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and primer helps your foundation last longer but this step is optional.

3. If you’re using liquid foundation, put a small amount of it on the side of your hand. Take whatever tool that you’re using; get a little bit at a time.

If you’re using a powder type foundation, take your brush and swirl it around the powder and then tap the excess off.

4. For liquid foundation, dab it on or apply it with a crisscross motion. For powder foundation, apply a thin layer all over your face with a circular motion.

5. For the finishing touches – when you’re using liquid foundation, make sure that everything is even and covered. You can use powder to finish up your foundation. This will make the foundation last even longer. With powder foundations, try not to go overboard in applying it. Remember that we want something flawless but natural.

Are you flawless yet?

Some factors do affect the flawlessness of foundations when applied. Some of which are: the quality of the foundation, the formulation/coverage of the foundation and etc. The foundation shade you’ve chosen can also be one factor so make sure to apply a foundation shade that’s closest to your skin tone.

Your face is the canvas and you’re the artist. Paint like you’ve never painted before and have fun!