Hormonal Acne — Here’s What you Should Do

If you are or have been acne-stricken for most of your life, you’ve probably done your homework in identifying the root causes of this major skin problem. Some of it may include bacteria, stress, clogged pores, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. and all of these are 100% correct. There’s one particular cause, however, that’s the most difficult to identify and treat — hormones.

The thing with hormones is, even if you’re way past your adolescent years there’s still a chance for you to have acne breakouts if your hormones go crazy on you. Here are 3 signs that might tell you that your acne is caused by your crazy hormones:

1. You break out every time you ovulate or begin your period.

2. Your acne specifically pops up on your chin or jaw line. They could also appear on the sides of the mouth or on the area below the nose.


3. If you’ve tried everything to treat your acne but they’re still not going away.

Remember that these 3 might not be 100% determinants of you having hormonal imbalance but if you are experiencing these signs, it’s highly likely that your breaking out because your hormones are not working properly.

So what do you do about it?

1. See your doctor

HormonalAcne-See your Doctor

Your doctor or dermatologist can better diagnose your skin condition. They can also recommend treatments that are tailor fit to your skin type. Sure you can just buy whatever acne products you saw in a TV commercial but remember that our bodies are different which means that one treatment may be helpful for you but will not work at all for others.

If you’ve exhausted all means of DIY treatments on yourself, it’s probably time to see a doctor about your acne anyway.

2. Reduce contributing factors

There are a lot of everyday activities that can actually aggravate your acne. You need to identify and then minimize these activities so you can help your skin out.

Your doctor will probably tell you the same things:

  •  Reduce stress – Stress plays an indirect yet important role. It doesn’t cause acne by itself but it’s the effects of stress (like increased cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue, etc) that can lead to the worsening of your skin condition.
  • Cut down (or if you can, stay away from) dairy products. You also need to cut down on your sugar. Put avoiding oily foods on top of that as well.

HormonalAcne-Get Healthy

  • Get enough sleep so your body can recuperate.
  • Get on the healthy lifestyle wagon.
  • Keep cool – Not keep cool as in stay calm but more literal as in try not to sweat too much.

These are all pretty basic and we’re sure that your doctor will have a whole lot more tips for you but you can begin with these for starters.


Like we said earlier, it’s best to get a tailored treatment regimen from your MD. The main goal is of course treating your hormonal acne by correcting the hormonal imbalances that your body is going through. Your doctor might prescribe birth control pills, acutane, spironolactane and etc.

Yes, they all sound very drug-y but there are always more natural alternatives if you’re not really willing to take in more chemicals into your body. One way would be to do detoxify through a liver and gall bladder flush. Some brave enough patients do this treatment in order to flush out the toxins and remove the blockages that may be contributing to your break outs.

Again, because we want to be on the safe side it’s always important to ask your MD so you can be sure that it’s the right type of treatment for you.


HormonalAcne-Clean and protect

You’re main goal is not really to treat your acne with products (and it won’t work anyway) but it’s to clean and protect. Generally, you need to avoid creams and oily solutions to prevent exacerbation. Instead, go for products are in gel form.

HormonalAcne-Gels instead of creams

You could also go for serums instead of the creamy moisturizer that you would usually use. On top of that, you need to protect your skin by applying a natural sunscreen, daily.