Pedicure at Home: Pamper your feet with this simple guide

Our feet are the most abused parts of our bodies. We walk on them, kick with them, cram them into pointy or uncomfortable shoes, and tend to ignore them unless they’re really hurting. But feet need tender care as much as the rest of the body. Pedicures can cost a good chunk of money, but giving yourself a nice home pedicure can have a similar effect with significantly less out-of-pocket expense.

All you need to give yourself a pedicure is some warm water, with bath salts if you have any, a bottle of your favourite lotion, a pumice stone or other exfoliant, and your favorite colour of nail polish. Start with soaking your much abused feet in the bathtub in warm water, and relax. Read a book, or listen to some music. If you have a special tub or bucket that you can use, you could even watch some television or browse the internet while you soak.

Soak those tender toes for at least five minutes, enough to get the skin soft but not so far that your skin becomes wrinkly. Then take one foot, and exfoliate it gently. Rub the pumice stone in one direction up the foot to remove the dead skin and calluses that have built up from all the work you do. Once the first foot is done, put it back in the water and repeat with the second foot. Now your feet are good and soft, relaxed, and the skin is ready for some serious moisture.

Dry off your feet and apply your lotion. Rub gently but firmly to massage and relax the muscles. The lotion will make it easier, as well as rehydrating any drying or damaged skin. It will also make your feet soft and tender feeling, completing the relaxation. The scent will add further impact, and enjoying the feel of the massage can spread and affect your whole body.

Once you feel that your feet have been sufficiently moisturized and massaged, it’s time to primp those toenails. The soak will have softened your nails and the skin around them, so feel free to clip or file them if needed. Otherwise, paint those little toenails your favorite colour and relax as the polish dries.

There you have it. A pampering pedicure done in the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but you will save a large amount of money, and have the freedom to use whichever products you want. Your feet will thank you, and so will your pocket. So enjoy those pretty little toenails and relish in the comfort of walking on pampered feet.