Happy New Hair: Celebrity Short Hair Inspiration

New year goals — CHECK! More positive outlook on life — CHECK! Chopping off locks — A POSSIBILITY!

Getting a new hair cut may not seem like a very big deal but you’d be surprised at how life changing and confidence-boosting it can be. Since it’s the new year, you might want to look into changing your hairstyle into something a bit shorter if you’ve donned your tresses for quite some time.

If you’re brave enough to take the next step, here are some of our favorite celebrities that look absolutely fabulous with short hairstyles.


Anne Hathaway

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 1

The look is classic! Long black lashes, ruby red lips and neatly brushed short hair with a bit of shine. Who can wear it better than Anne Hathaway? Sure, she looked great when she had longer hair but this hairstyle definitely brings more attention to her eyes.


Jennifer Lawrence

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 2

From long and braided to the side to blonde and chopped. The Hunger Games star, J-Law, is definitely looking better than ever and possibly ready for the next reaping.


Vanessa Hudgens

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 3

Springbreaker, Vanessa Hudgens, has definitely grown into her acting as well as her own style. We loved her long black adorable locks but we think that this hairstyle makes her look more mature. No more High School Musicals for this young woman.


Carey Mulligan

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 4

Carey Mulligan is still looking ever so sweet with her short and textured hairstyle. This style is definitely her signature and she wears it with such versatility.


Miley Cyrus

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 5

The punk-rock, Miley Cyrus, who can never stop, definitely caught our attention when she first showed off her edgy bleach blonde hairstyle with an undercut. She attempted to rock bleached brows as well but thank goodness she changed them back.


Emma Watson

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 6

In this picture, Emma Watson certainly has the whole Princess Diana vibe going on. With her short-hair brushed backward, this 23-year old actress is looking pretty regal.


Beyonce Knowles

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 7 Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 7a

Who can forget the epic Instagram post that Beyonce Knowles made? She might have been feeling on the dangerous side on that day. I guess we’ll never know because a few days after this post, she was spotted with a different hairstyle — from this short pixie cut to an asymmetrical bob. Too bad, it would have been interesting to see how her look panned out.


Keyshia Cole

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 8

What were your thoughts on Keyshia Cole’s blonded up pixie? She first showed this look off at the Soul Train Awards two years back. We think it’s fabulous and she definitely has the right bone structure for this type of cut. She has truly rocked this look in more ways than one.



Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 9

Long hair and this rocking diva do not mix! Pink has always kept it short, edgy and interesting. Who can argue? It mirrors her personality! She’s definitely one of the few celebrities that can rock a fauxhawk anytime of the day.


Kelly Osbourne

Getpretty - Short Hair Inspiration - 10This wild child sported this hairstyle a few years back but we still love it on her. With shaved sides, finger waves, winged-out eyeliner and that color on her lips, she’s looking very pin-up.