Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Twiggy

Twiggy – fashion icon and it-girl of the 60s. Anyone who’s into fashion definitely knows who she is. Her makeup look is fun and easy to do so we decided to make a tutorial out of it for this year’s Halloween.

It’s actually all about the lashes as you can see on the video so we’re going to emphasize that as well as teach you how to do her signature cut-crease, plus dramatic eyeliner look.

Rewind to the 60s

1. As always, start with a clean and moisturized face.

Start with a clean and moisturized face.2. Do your usual concealer and foundation routine. Go over your lips to erase a bit of its color. It’s optional to use a primer prior to putting on your foundation but I would recommend not to skip putting on your eye primer because we’re going to use a vivid color on our lids later so you’d really want the color to POP.

Go over your mouth with foundation.3. Now for the eyes. You’ll most likely need a steady finger for this one.

Twiggy Makeup Eye Tutorial
From Left – Right

A. Neaten up your brows. Brush them upward and then fill them in.Brushing the hairs upward will help emphasize your brow’s natural shape.

B. Take a shimmery white eyeshadow color and apply it underneath your brow bone.

C. Take an eyeliner brush and line your eyes from the inner portion going outward. You can go as thick or as thin as you like, just make sure that you do not wing upward and sideward, only sideward. Here’s what I mean:

Getpretty - Twiggy Makeup Tutorial (10)D. Take a white eyeliner and draw a curved line above your crease. It should follow the natural shape of your crease. It will serve as a guide for when you’re ready to draw on it with a black or grey eyeliner

E. When you’re satisfied with the shape, you then go over it with whatever eyeliner you have.

F. Now, take a blue colored eyeshadow (whatever blue you have their as long as it’s not too dark or too light) and apply it one the area between your cut-crease and your eyeliner.

G. Next, take the same shimmery white eyeshadow we used on our brow bone earlier and apply it on the inner corner of your eye.

Twiggy Rye Makeup Tutorial
From Left – Right

H. Take your white eyeliner and line your lower lashline. Take your grey or black eyeliner and apply it underneath your white eyeliner.

I. Now, I did not have a thin enough brush to draw on the whispy bottom lashes that Twiggy has so I used a toothpick. Dip your toothpick on a gel liner. Once you have a tiny bit on the tip, gently draw on the bottom lashes starting from the black or grey eyeliner you drew earlier.

J. Put on false eyelashes. You should have something like this:

You should have something like this.

4. Next, apply a bit of bronzer on your cheeks. Just bronzer, no blush.

Apply bronzer on your cheeks.5. Apply a baby pink gloss on your lips. You don’t have to use any lipstick because you’d want your lips to be pale. The emphasis should be on your eyes.

Getpretty - Twiggy Makeup Tutorial (6)AND YOU’RE DONE!

Droopy Eyes with Dramatic LashesIt’s up to you to decide how you’re going to do your hair. Think 60s! We hope you had fun doing this look. Enjoy your Halloween!

Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

Signature - Mea P. (Author)