Hair Styling: Beach Waves Made Easy

Now, waves aren’t just for surfing anymore — it’s also a hairstyle. While some people already have that natural curl, most of us have to rigorously style  our hair just for it to look thick and wavy. There’s no need for excessive heat and too much chemicals to achieve this look so you, absolutely, can wear it everyday if you like.

Let’s do away with the word “rigorously” because here’s an easy how-to to make your hair wavy and full, fit for any type of outfit or occasion — especially if you’re going to the beach. They’re called beach waves which means that they should be carefree and laid back.

Let’s divide it into two parts. One for the long-haired girls and one for the short-haired ones.

Part 1: How to get long wavy hair

This wavy beach hair style is perfect for that effortless messy look. To get this, of course, you’d have to start with clean, freshly-washed hair. If you have curly or wavy hair already then all you have to do is blow-dry your hair and then use hair products that define your curls. Try a volume-izing cream.

Rough dry your hair and then put a bit of product on it like clay or styling gel or a hair product that has medium hold. Brush everything together and twist the ponytail into a bun, wait for it to dry and then…presto! Instant curls. You can make it neater by applying serum on it which will also prevent frizz. You can choose to flat iron your bangs (if you have any) or any part of your hair that needs to look straighter. And done! Hairspray your curls if you wish. Easy!

Part 2: How to get short wavy hair

This hairstyle is also perfect for that free-spirited “I think I’m going to the beach” look. While you have the option of either applying heat or not with when doing long beach waves, you don’t when doing beach waves with short hair. If it’s bun-able then you could get away with it but forget about it if you have really short hair that’s close to a pixie cut. So, again, start with clean, freshly-washed hair. Dry it naturally or with a blow-dryer and then apply a heat protective cream or spray. Using a flat-iron, take a section of your hair and work your way down rocking the flat iron from one side to another every inch or so. Take another section and then do the same thing until everything is beach wavy.

Take some hair styling product again. Apply it all over your new waves and then scrunch each section to make the waves stick. Finish off with hairspray or serum. You’re done! You should have something like this, depending of course on your hair’s length.

The best thing about this look is you can wear it anytime and on anything. It’s wearable with any type of make-up or outfit and you can spruce things up with braids, feather extensions or a headband.

Beach waves are really easy to get and they suit most face shapes. Enjoy your waves and embrace that laid back, easy going style!