Hair Coloring: The 101 on Choosing

You were watching TV late one night and saw your favorite actress on the red carpet. She had a really great hair color! You thought to yourself, ” That would actually look good on me.” Then you spend the rest of the night wondering how you would look like if you had the same hair colouring on.

Sometimes we just stop there because we’re too worried about how it will look when it’s done. ¬†Good thinking! There are a lot of things that affect the color outcome. There should also be a lot of thinking required to the shade that you want. Yes! Like anything girly, it’s not as easy as it seems.

The Color Selection Stage!

It isn’t only a question of if it looks good on you. You should, first of all, ask yourself what the right shade is for you. Your current shade can greatly affect the outcome. To help you out, we made it really simple with this kind of hair colour chart or index:

NOTE: Know what you want before taking a look. Guilty? Yeah, us girls always change our minds. It’s always helpful when you have the outcome in mind. It can narrow down your choices.

Start here:

Are you a cool or a warm?




  1. Dark brown (close to black) shade
  2. Gray or blue shade


  1. Browns-Hazel shade
  2. Green shade


  1. Black hair colours
  2. Brunette hair colours
  3. Ash brown hair colours
  4. White hair colors
  5. Light blonde hair colors


  1. Brown (medium to light) hair colours
  2. Reddish hair colours
  3. True Blonde hair colours


Light to Fair


Medium to Tan

Hair colour ideas:

  • Shiny Blacks or Blues
  • Ashy Colors
  • Platinum Browns
  • Beige Shades
  • Light Blonde colors
These are just a few colors that you could try on. Remember to choose something that has a blue-ish undertone.

Hair colour ideas:

  • Warm browns
  • Golden Browns
  • Auburn shades
  • Golden blonde colors
Just a few suggestions to help you start off on the right track. Remember to choose something that has a red-ish undertone.

If you’re too scared to dye your entire hair, you can always just get highlights for that extra accent to your look.

Other things to consider:

  • Look at the packaging carefully. Most of the time, it may have pictures of the outcome if your hair is dark, medium, or light. Remember that your hair’s texture and healthiness are two big factors to this.
  • Think whether you’d like to do it on your own or let a salon do it for you. If you’re going with DIY, there are a lot of products out there that are easy to use such as foam dyes. There are also a lot of videos online that show you how to use them. If it’s your first time, and you’re not really feeling that adventurous then better stay away from DIY-ing it.

  • If you do decide to go through with it, remember that hair coloring will weaken your hair so it’s always advisable to give your hair extra nourishment.

Did we help you to decide? We hope so. A touch of color can be an exciting change so make sure that you’ll love it!