Four Important Reasons Not To Switch To Decaf

With the flip-flopping expert opinions of coffee, caffeine, and their effect on the body, it will often seem like the only safe way to drink coffee is to drink decaffeinated coffee. This is not true, as there are more health risks and unsafe side effects that will occur from drinking decaf over regular.

The type of beans typically used to make decaf are called Robusta beans, and they are a very strong, highly acidic, and also have a much higher fat content than regular beans. The higher fat content can stimulate the production of fatty acids in your body, which can cause your cholesterol to spike up with barely any notice.

Due to the higher acid content in the Robusta beans, drinking decaf can also cause an increase in gastric acid secretions. These secretions are the body’s natural way of absorbing and digesting acidic foods, but having overactive secretions can cause gastric problems such as acid reflux and chronic heart burn and even gastric ulcers.

The process used to decaffeinate coffee is also not the healthiest, as the process used may cause free radicals to be released as the caffeine is dissolved from the bean. This increases the carcinogenic properties of decaffeinated coffee, making you more at risk for developing cancer along your digestive tract.

Decaffeination is also an imperfect process. So long as 97% of the caffeine has been removed, the companies can claim that it is decaffeinated. But there will still be a small amount of caffeine in the coffee. This can cause problems to individuals who are highly sensitive or allergic to caffeine, and they may not realize why they are experiencing this reaction.

Coffee is a go-to beverage for many people in the morning, and using decaf has its own list of risks and problems associated with it. Decaf is not the healthier option for a large portion of people, due to the high acid content of the beans as well as the decaffeination process itself. If you choose to drink and enjoy coffee, whether decaffeinated or caffeinated, be sure you understand the health information on it so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.