Eye Beauty and Make Up

My eyes are so puffy!
Try putting pressure on eyes by using something cold, used tea bags (preferably chamomile), cucumber pieces and even the back of a cold teaspoon should do the trick. However, tea is preferred as it contains diuretic properties, which help to combat swelling from fluids.

What is an eye base and is it really necessary?
Like a primer and or a make up base. Eye base is applied before you apply color on your lids. Eye base readies your lids for further application of cosmetics by evening skin tone and lightening dark eye spots. If you have fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes, eye base can prevent eye shadow from clumping in the creases or folds of your skin. Eye base is especially useful if you are going to be wearing make up the entire day as it prevents eyeshadow from ruining.

Mascara always clumps to my lashes
Firstly, ensure your mascara is fresh and not dried up, dried up mascara is more prone to clump. Before application, dab excess mascara from wand. Do not pump the wand into the tube as this will result in dried up mascara. When applying, gently wiggle the wand from side to side to ensure even distribution of mascara after applying every coat of mascara, go over your lashes with a fine-toothed lash comb. This will separate your lashes and prevent mascara from ‘gooing’ up.

Eye make up renewal..
Line the inner rim of your lower lid with a light blue eyeliner. The light blue hue will make the white of your eyes seems whiter.

Make eye look bigger..
Line the inside rim of lower lid with white or skin-toned eyeliner. The light hue will highlight eyes and make them look bigger and brighter.

Cover up dark eye circles:
Finger-pat the circle with a yellowish concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then dab loose powder on top to make the cream stay put. Circles will be gone.

Smoky eye makup?
Getting smoky eyes isn’t as hard as it looks. First, line inside lower rim with a dark brown or black eyeliner. Then, line upper and lower lash lines, from the inner to the outer corner. Smudge both lines with a cotton swab. Dust a shimmery brown shadow from lash line to crease (brown shadow can be just as dramatic as black). Then apply a matte dark brown shadow in just the crease. The outer edge of shadow should fall between the outer corner of eye and the end of brow. The farther out it go, the more dramatic the effect. Finally, use the same matte brown shadow with a fresh cotton swab and swipe on two coats of mascara.

Perfect your complexion in seconds by dabbing foundation over your eyelids to even out skin tone and around your nostrils to cover redness.