EOTD (EyeMakeup of the Day): Sparkly and Natural

Recently, I’ve come to discover two reasons why most girls are afraid to do their own makeup:

1. They don’t think that they can look their best when they do their own makeup.

2. They may know how to “do” their face but they have no clue on how to put on eye makeup properly.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Natural

I have the perfect suggestions for both of these reasons. First, practice and practice. You’re never really going to know how far you can go if you don’t learn something and try it out for yourself. Second, there’s a very easy way for you to do your eye makeup without looking too overdone and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Eye of the Day - VS Makeup on the go Palette
We’re going to use all the colors except the MINT GREEN.

Eye Makeup of the Day: Sparkly and Natural

Eye Makeup of the Day Step 11. Always start with a clean canvas. Put on your primer and concealer when necessary. Fill in your brows.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Step 2

2. Take a shimmery light brown eye shadow color and pat it on your lids.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Step 4

3. Take a shimmery light eye shadow color and apply it on your crease.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Step 4

4. Following the natural shape of your crease, trace it using a shimmery dark brown eye shadow color.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Step 5

5. Curl your eyelashes.

Eye Makeup of the Day - Step 6

6. Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes. DONE!

Collage - Simple Eye MakeupSo here’s what the finished eye makeup looks like. Under room lighting, it’s going to look natural but once you step under the sunlight, that’s when your eyes will really sparkle.

The Recap

So, as you see, it’s really simple to do elegant eye makeup. You can even change the colors of your eye shadow according to what your wearing. Like what I suggested earlier, practice, practice, practice. Use this guide to get you started and you can also share it to someone who needs a little bit of encouragement in the makeup department.

Signature - Mea P. (Author)