Elliot Sailors — From Female to Male and Loving it!

With Andrej Pejic, the iconic androgynous model from Australia, as her inspiration, Elliot Sailors has successfully made the transition to working as a female model to cutting her hair short, to wearing suits and plaid shirts, and to hanging up her skirts and bikinis. At the age of 30, she made the daring decision of “relaunching” her career posing as a male model.


With her gender-bending decision came both positive and negative reactions from the public as well as from family members. But, as with recent reports and interviews would prove, Elliot Sailors doesn’t seem to regret the decision that she’s made and that she’s still eager to pursue her career as a male model.

During her interview with New York Mag, she clarified that she has always been “one of the boys” and that she didn’t have to make that big of a transition. The clothes that she wears are still the same clothes that she’s always had. Nothing’s new. “I have never really been a girly girl”, she remarks.


She also stated, during the same interview, that she’s more relaxed and comfortable modelling as a man than she was when she was modelling as a woman. Sailors had to learn how to pose softly, gracefully, fiercely, elegantly — posing in a feminine way — but she admits that when posing as a man in front of the camera, she just eases in to it.

Despite her drastic transformation, she states that, aside from when she’s in front of the camera, she is still female. Appearance-wise, the only changes that she’s made were cutting her hair and wrapping her breasts so they appear flatter.

Her husband, Adam Santos-Coy, supports his wife’s decision despite receiving a fair amount of criticism. The couple stated that they’re, often times, mistaken for gay lovers but they don’t mind because the change also has its perks like feeling safer when walking the streets at 2 in the morning.


With all the androgynous hype that’s been going on in fashion and with Elliot Sailors’ steadily rising career on it’s way to success, it’s evident that in this type of industry, thinking outside of the box and coming up with an entirely new concept that revolutionizes and shakes the fashion world to its core, has its rewards.

Androgyny and being “genderless“, so to speak, may still be unacceptable to most in today’s society but the fashion industry begs to differ and it embraces the new and the different with open arms.

And so, with Elliot Sailors’ dramatic career change, who knows what (or who) will follow.