Herbal Remedies: Benefits of Different Herbal Teas

Nowadays we often hear about the acceptance of natural medicine and in particular how there are herbal remedies that can help improve our health, but which herbs are they? And which herbs do what?


According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, natural herbs are used to maintain health and to even eradicate some chronic symptoms. So lets take a look at some of those herbs and what benefits they may offer:

cooling, de-alcoholic and reduces body temperature, preserves beauty, depigmentation, detoxifies, diuretic, removes edema, promotes bile acid to dissolve excessive body fat; regular consumption can reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body, and prevents arteriosclerosis diseases. Rose also has slimming function. It has a fascinating sweet smell, specially designed for ladies. It may help eliminate depression and discomfort and is a good beauty preserver. Regulates females endocrine and with beauty-preserve efficacy. Mellow sweetness in taste, moderate in nature, contains plenty of vitamins. Better taste when mixing with honey. Rose preserves beauty whereas honey moistens, delivering even better results. Purple rose: promotes metabolism, detoxifies and facilitates catharsis, slimming, and regulates endocrine. Suitable for ladies with obesity because of endocrine irregularity.

Regulates inner vital breath, relieves melancholy, clears toxin and harmonises inner breath. Gentle sweet after taste aroma. It maintains psychological equilibrium. Ripped seam jasmine pistil essence has been used for the making of this product. The flower is light incense, light sweetness in taste. Cooling, detoxifies, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation. Relieves symptoms such as eye-sight swelling pain, lachrymal gland disease, hypertension, polydipsia, blood deficiency and amenorrhea. Improves trance and anxiety phenomena. It is also good for slow acting gastralgia, and menstrual irregularity. Mix jasmine with pink rose when drinking could have slimming effect.

Neutralises, promotes and activates blood circulation. It preserves beauty and is the best skin care product. Peony has antipyretic and anti-inflammation functions. It relieves menstrual irregularity. Acrid in taste and cool in nature. It has blood-cooling, decontusion, liver-detoxification, calming, anti-convulsant, antipyretic and anti-inflammation effects. It relieves menstrual irregularity, blood stasis and menstrual and abdominal pain, amenorrhea, menstrual contrary, congestion pain, hypertension and other syndromes.

Helichrysum Bracteatum:
Moderate in taste, cool in nature, cooling and reduces body temperature.

Trollius Chinenses(Golden Lotus):
Supplies vitamin C and iron. Nourishes throat and lung, relaxes mind, and reduces body temperature.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa:
Alias Roselle. Contains plenty of vitamin C. It has several functions such as cooling, reduces pathogenic fire, heat quench, polydipsia and diuretic. It can be brew as tea and other drinks. It tastes sour and cool in nature. Destress, diuretic, anti-cough, detoxifies and promotes bile acid.

Helps eliminate tiredness, disburdens, relieves tension, and restores calm mood. Also known as “The Plant of Love” or “The Queen of Herbs”. It has unique aroma. Relieves headache and tension, distress, facilitates good sleeps and prevents flu. It also can be used for bathing. Regular consumption can protect and moisture skin. Keeps skin naturally aromatic (not suitable for pregnant ladies).

Aloe Vera:
Detoxifies, regulates endocrine, neutralises melanin, and increases the ability of collagen synthesis. Aloe Vera contains malice acid, tartrate, and vitamin B1, B2 and B16. This is the main reason for glowing skin. It keeps skin moisture and resilient and it has UV protection function. It is also an effective medicine to acute constipation. Increases the excretion function of our body. It is an indispensable substance to cure hypertension. Aloe Poland A and B in Aloe Vera can reduce blood sugar. In addition, aloe Vera also prevents constipation, strengthens the gastrointestinal functions, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and eliminates excessive body fat. This can reduce the blood sugar PH.

Mint Leaves (Peppermint):
Anti-bacteria and disencumbers tiredness, both physically and mentally. Facilitates digestion and freshens breath. Refreshing, with menthol-fresh smell. It relieves flu and migraine, and it is a good expectorant. Improves digestion and de-alcoholic. Strengthens the gastrointestinal functions. Taste bitter when drinking cold.

Sweet aftertaste. Cooling and detoxifies. Nourishes lung, detoxifies liver, and improves eye sight.

Water Lily Leaves:
Its chemical substances mainly are nuciferine, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalate, succinic and other anti-mitosis alkaloid. A study of Medical Science found out that Water Lily Leaves have several functions such as reduces body temperature, anti-bacteria and anti-spasm.

Rosa Canina:
Contains plenty of vitamins C with beauty-preserving functions. Rosa Canina is the fruits of sweetbrier. Alias Rose Bud or Rose Fruit. Regular consumption of Rosa Canina tea can preserve beauty, keep glowing and florid complexion, regulates physiological functions, and alleviates tiredness. Rosa Canina provides substance essentially for health-maintenance when you need supplementary.

Peach Blossom:
Moderate in nature. Diuretic, good for blood circulation and constipation. Peach Blossom is diuretic. It promotes blood circulation, and acute constipation. Brew for consumption. Peach Blossom preserves beauty and keeps skin moist and hydrated.

Beautify Blossom:
It has beauty-preservation, anti-inflammation and lung-nourishing effects.

Commonly known as the plateau snow-capped mountain plant. It is one of the treasures of Tibet. It has high medicinal value commonly used as a drinking tea. Regular consumption by men can help recuperate kidneys, and strengthen men’s vitality. Regular consumption by ladies can regulate inner vital breath, blood stream and endocrine, moisten skin and blacken hair.

Globeamaranth Flower (Red Thousands Day):
Alias Everblooming Flower. Sweet aftertaste and moderate in nature. Anti-cough and anti-asthmatic. Detoxifies liver and reduces body temperature. Preserves beauty and regulates menstrual.

Alleviates eye strain, relieves anxiety, insomnia and headache, and dealcoholic.

Moderate in nature.. Nourishes lung, reduces pathogenic fire, and sooth the nerves. Contains multi-vitamin and minerals. Reduces pathogenic fire and nourishes lung. It is the first choice during hot summer. It tastes fresh and contain multi-vitamin, mineral, glycoside, iron, calcium and other substances required by the human body. It has high medicinal value. Cool and moderate in nature. Bitter and sweet aftertaste. Cooling and nourishes lung, cures pathogenic fire and sooth the nerves. Cleans gastrointestine, detoxifies, and can help relieve acute constipation. Better results when drinking together with rose, lemon and verbena.

Powerful antioxidant. Enhance brainpower. Also known as “Noble Herbs” it has also been recognized as the “Millennium Herbs” by the International Herbal Association and sometimes referred to as the lucky plant. The most visible therapy result is reverses aging and returns to youth. It is sweet-scented and ale to relieve tension. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant. It facilitates good sleep. Its brain enhancing substances are used to treat headache, enhance memory, improve indigestion and ladies’ physiological disequilibrium. Promotes blood circulation, reduces cholesterol level, and inhibits obesity. It has many functions and is a good herbal tea.

Sweet aftertaste and cool in nature. Cooling, detoxifies, anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria. Diuretic and anti-itching, reduces cholesterol and has slimming effects. Use Honeysuckle and Rhubarb in 3.1 ratio, mix together when brewing and add a little honey for better taste. Cooling, diuretic, stimulates the gut movements and catharsis.

Diuretic, regulates blood vessels permeability. Suitable for plump swelling ladies.

Florist Chrysanthemum:
A good medicine for cooling and detoxifies. Tastes sweetness, slight cool in nature; Cooling and reduces body temperature, detoxifies liver and good for eye-sight. Relieves flu sickness, headache, faint, and eye-sight swelling pain.

Commonly known as diarrhea medicine. It stimulates the gut movements and acute constipation. (brew in small amount)

Bitter Melon:
Cool in nature, anti-inflammation and diuretic. Detoxifies and preserves beauty.

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