Dupes of Beauty Part 2 — 5 Dupes for MAC Lipsticks

What if you stepped into your favorite beauty store that sells MAC lipsticks and you found out that they’re on sale for $1? That may very well be the best thing in the world for every girl that has been dreaming of getting their hands on even just one or two MAC lippies! Truth is, it’s not going to happen unless  you buy fake ones but, the next best thing to that would be to go for MAC lipstick dupes.

You’ll be surprised at how many MAC lipstick dupes there are in the world and you best believe that there are some highly similar ones out there. So similar, in fact, that you may not even know the difference even if you examine it closely with your naked eye.

Before we get started, if you missed part 1 of our Dupes of Beauty series, check it out here.

Now for our 5 MAC lipstick dupes that are as close to the real thing as you can get:

1. MAC Up the Amp – Revlon Berry Haute

MAC Up the Amp VS Revlon Berry Haute

So this is the first dupe we found that’s scary similar to the it’s MAC lipstick counterpart. The lipstick with the silver barrel is MAC in Up the Amp and the one with the gold barrel is Revlon’s Berry Haute.

The colors itself have the same blue under tone to them and they both have similar sheen. If you examine the swatches carefully, you can’t really tell the difference! Berry Haute is very hot indeed because it’s the closest dupe that we found to MAC’s Up the Amp. We won’t even tell you which swatch is which.

2. MAC Viva Glam Nicki – Wet n Wild Pinkerbell

MAC Viva Glam Nicki VS Wet n Wild Pinkerbell

Here’s the next one on our list. MAC’s Viva Glam Nicki, a gorgeous pink color, and Wet n Wild’s Pinkerbell. This is also a spot on dupe which just goes to show that cheaper products (not all but some) can be up to par with the higher end ones.

The picture on the right, by the way, shows the colors applied to the lips — the upper lip with the MAC lippie and the lower lip with the Wet n Wild one. They seem to have similar sheen and consistency so why not go for the dupe which is loads cheaper?

3. MAC Candy Yum Yum – Milani Rose Hip

MAC Candy Yum Yum VS Milani Rose Hip

This is a MAC dupe that many people are familiar with already. The left picture is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum and the one on the right is Milani’s Rose Hip. So what’s the difference? Not much, as you can see, except  for the price.

The color is a nice bold pink! Great for nude make-up looks, right? The Milani Rose Hip appears to be more matte in the picture but the color is still pretty identical.

4. MAC St Germain – Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

MAC St Germain VS Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

Can you guess which swatch is which on this one? This is a comparison between MAC’s St Germain and Limecrime’s Great Pink Planet. This one’s another Barbie pink kind of color. Only, it has a more neutral undertone, both of them do. Both the colors have the same kind of sheen to them and they probably have the same texture too.

5. MAC Deeply Adored – Rimmel Kate Moss #11

MAC Deeply Adored VS Rimmel Kate Moss #11

MAC’s Deeply Adored is so deeply adored. It’s the perfect wine red lipstick to give you that glam look! A perfect dupe would be Rimmel’s Kate Moss #11. If you examine the picture on the right, which lip do you think is the Rimmel on? If  you can’t tell, no worries. The upper lip has MAC on and the lower one had the Rimmel.  It’s like the same lip color!

More lined up…

Check in every once in a while. We’re going for eyeshadow dupes next!