Dry Hair days: How to get your soft hair back

The cold winter months, dry days of summer and heavily air-conditioned offices can dry out everyone’s skin and hair. Conditioner helps, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. What can you do to keep your hair soft and happy instead of dry and frizzy?

The first step to keeping your hair happy regardless of the weather is to not wash it every day. Hair needs a little bit of it’s natural oils to stay healthy, so cutting down on how often you are washing your hair will significantly improve the feel and texture. If you still want to shower every day, then go for it! But you don’t need to shampoo each time you shower, so enjoy the warm water on your hair and relax.

Next you’ll want to take a look at the actual quality of your hair care products. The higher the portion of sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfate in the product, the more likely it will dry your hair out. You will also want to look for ingredients such as alcohol, and sodium EDTA which are known to pull the moisture from the hair and scalp.

Following that, a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning will drastically improve the feel of your hair, regardless of the weather. There are deep conditioning products that you can purchase at the store, or you can use a natural hair remedy such as a simple combination of egg yolks, honey and either coconut oil or pure shea butter. Leave the product on your hair overnight, wrap your head in a plastic bag if you want, and wash it out in the morning. Your hair will be rejuvenated and super silky.

Finally, the last thing you can do regularly to keep your hair silky and smooth during the worst dry hair days to use less styling products. Hairspray, gel, wax, pomade, etc, these products all hold your hair where you want it in some way. But when the wind is pulling the moisture from your hair, the last thing you want to do is coat it excessively in products that won’t allow your hair to breathe. So use less products, and every few days let your hair just breathe without anything in it.

The winter wind and cold, dry summer days and ¬†air-conditioned environments can suck the water and moisture right out of your skin and hair. But you can fight it with a few easy changes to your routine. Give your hair a fighting chance and relax in terms of how much product you use on it. The air might be dry, but your hair doesn’t have to be.