Drug-free pain relief for sore muscles

Muscle soreness can be caused by a multitude of factors. Exercise, stress, anxiety and massage are just a few things that can cause your whole body to feel like it is trying to give out. Alleviating sore muscles without the use of over-the-counter medication is easy if you take the time out of your day to benefit yourself.

The use of medication to relieve sore and aching muscles is often used as a crutch. It’s easy to just grab a pill or two and swallow them with some water. The effect on your body however is not so easy. Since you aren’t helping your body to relieve the source of the pain, once the pain killers wear off, you will return to being in pain once more. It is a relentless cycle if you don’t break it.

Pain relief is possible without the use of medication or drugs. It takes a little bit of time, but the effects are much farther reaching than anything in a bottle can grant you. One easy way to relieve pain is by using hot or cold compresses.

Hot compresses feel incredible on sore muscles that have been overexerted or are sore for no physical reason. The heat from the compress will relax the muscles and allow them to move more easily. It will also bring more blood and fluid to the area, allowing to further range of motion so that you can stretch and relax.

Cold compresses are intended for injured muscles, such as a sprain, to slow the blood and fluid flow through to the area and allow the body to begin healing slowly. The cold temperature will also take the swelling down and release the extra fluids back into the rest of the body.

Injured or sore muscles also need to be rested and raised. So allow yourself to take a break and be sure to lift the painful area above waist level. This will stop any rush of fluids to the area, preventing sudden and painful swelling. Resting also gives your body a chance to focus on healing and relaxing.

Instead of reaching for the bottle of pills, reach instead for a hot or cold compress, and allow your body to heal naturally. Be aware of what caused the pain and deal with the source instead of the symptom. This will help you feel better and recover faster than usual.