Do-it-Yourself Nail Art

Sugar, spice and everything nice – that’s what little girls are made of. Well, whoever wrote this knew exactly what he was talking about. Today, we see these exact ingredients in every girl’s make-up bag.  Other than the countless numbers of “Sugars and spices” girls have, DIY nail art can now be added on top of everything else. Read on for an overview and for some simple DIY nail art designs for beginners!

Nail art could be expensive when you get it done in a salon and that may be the very reason why DIY nail art is so popular these days! There are a number of ways to achieve any kind of nail art design that you want so knowing the right tools to use would be the first step to consider when you’re a beginner.

Basic tools (The simplest tools you need to do a DIY nail art):

1. Nail polish – various colors and types (cracking, matte, glitter, etc.)

2. Nail polish remover and cotton pads – just in case you make a mistake.

3. Precision eyeliner brush or a stick with a pointed end (orange stick or toothpick) – to accurately paint the design you want.

Tools to make your design-making easier:

1. Nail strips – they’re like stick-on nail designs. Stick them on and then you’re done! You can even cut out shapes from them if you want.

2. Beads and gems – use these to create a 3D nail art design! (You’d have to use tweezers for this.)

3. Nail Stamps – works just like a regular stamp.

4. Nail art stencils – paint on it or trace on it. It’s easier than doing it free-hand and is less messy too.

5. Glitters – you already knew we’d say glitter.

6. Nail art pens – draw directly on your nails using these pens.

Now that you’ve got your tools ready, here are a few simple DIY nail art designs that you could do yourself:


 What you need:

Nail polish (One color)

Glitter (One color)

Clean-up materials (Nail polish remover and pads)

How to do it:

Put on nail polish like how you normally would. While it’s still wet, sprinkle on some glitter! Clean-up the extra glitter that you can see and you’re done! You cant also put on a clear top coat once everything’s dry.

Tip it off

What you need:

Nail polish (Two colors and a clear nail polish)

Clean-up materials

How to do:

Use the first color as a base coat. Paint it on like how you regularly would. Take the second color and tip it on top of the previous color you used. Clean-up. You can experiment with different colors on each fingernail.

Cracked (This is the easiest!)

What you need:

A nail polish that cracks up when it dries

A regular nail polish (Base coat)

Clean-up materials

How to do:

Apply your base coat. You have to make sure that the base coat color is lighter when you’re cracking nail polish color is dark and vice versa. Wait for your base coat to dry and then apply your cracking nail polish. Finished!


Here are more tips before starting your DIY nail art project:

  • You can make use of acrylic nails if you’re not really keen on putting nail polish directly on your own nails.
  • There are a lot of resources for you to check when it comes to DIY nail art designs – YouTube, Blogs, Nail art galleries etc.
  • Think out of the box and be creative. Once you’ve learned different techniques, it’s easy to do your own!

Have fun with it and tell us about your own masterpiece!