Do it right: How to groom your eyebrows correctly

If you’re brows are looking more or less like Frida’s these days then you’ve come to the right place!

Eyebrows are something that can instantly change one’s look even of you don’t have any make-up on so grooming is essential. Let us teach you how to UN-Frida your brows through proper shaping and grooming. It’s time to do your brows and it’s time to do them properly!

Let’s start address this question first:

Should I try plucking/trimming/grooming my eyebrows by myself if I haven’t done it before or if it’s my first time to do it?

Our recommendation:

Sure! But pluck/trim/groom slowly. This is the most common mistake first-timer’s make. Mostly, they get too excited and they end up with really thin eyebrows. Eyebrows can grow themselves out but it will take some time so better safe than sorry.

Now that we have that issue cleared, let’s move on to shapes.

Everyone has their natural eyebrow shape. It’s best that you follow what shape you already have. You can choose to reshape it but, if it’s your first time, let a professional handle the reshaping for you.

“How do I get the shape of my eyebrows then?”

 First of all, your eyebrows should basically look like this.

(1) Draw an imaginary straight line from the corner of your nostril upward. That’s where your eyebrows should start.

(2) Tilt that imaginary straight line, still starting from the corner of your nostril. That’s where your arch should be.

(3) Tilt the imaginary straight line again but this time you should measure it starting from the corner of your nostril, passing the corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrows should end.

“Ok. Now that I know that, how do I shape them?”

You can shape your eyebrows using white-eyeliner as a guide. This is how the pro’s do it! Shaping your eyebrows will be much easier with a guide.

Take a white eyeliner and start outlining your natural shape on your eyebrows. So this all around your eyebrows. Once you’re done, remove all the hairs that are outside the line! Just make sure that you have points 1,2, and 3 correctly.

“So I pluck them off?”

In shaping your eyebrows at home, the best way would be to pluck the individual hairs out. It will be painful if it’s your first time but don’t worry. We won’t leave you hanging! Here’s what you do: Take a some ice and then numb your brow area with it. Once that area is numb enough, you can now begin to pluck the hairs out.

“Can’t I just shave the hair’s off?”

We don’t recommend it. Shaving will make result to uneven hair growth, stubble, and hair will grow back quicker. There’s also a possibility that you may make a mistake and then shave your entire eyebrow off. We’ve seen it happen, and not just in movies.

 “What are my options?”

Plucking isn’t the only way to shape your eyebrows. You can also go for waxing and threading. Ask your local beauty salon for these kinds of services.

Now that you know everything, you’re ready! Good luck and tell us about your experience.