DIY Lip Natural Scrub — Exfoliating, moisturizing and yummy

If the weather’s too hot and you don’t hydrate enough, your lips will chap. If the weather’s too cold and you don’t moisturize, your lips will also chap. Come to think about it, even if it’s not that hot nor not that cold, there’s always a tendency for your lips to chap. Bummer!

Sounds like you? What you need to do is exfoliate and moisturize your lips on a regular basis. Chapsticks and lipbalms definitely work in giving you the extra moisture you need but there’s an even better way for you to do both the exfoliating and moisturizing with one product. And, that’s exactly what we will show you today!

Let’s make a natural lip scrub that will leave your lips soft and kissable in no time.

Tools and Ingredients

DIY LipScrub-Ingredients

  • Small mixing bowl
  • Tablespoon
  • A container to store your lip scrub in
  • Organic coconut oil – 1 tbsp
  • Organic honey – 1 tbsp
  • Organic brown sugar – 2 tbsps

You can use any type of container you like. You can be as creative with it as you want but make sure that it has a lid or cover so your scrub stays uncontaminated.

Let’s get mixing

1. Put the coconut oil inside your small mixing bowl. What we want is a more solid coconut oil and not the runny, liquid-y consistency. Remember that coconut oil tends to liquefy when it’s too hot so it might be a good idea to store it where it’s cool (just cool, not cold) ahead of time.

2. Put in the honey and the sugar. Mix it together using your spoon. We still want the sugar granules to be there so maybe take it a little easy on the mixing. Once you have a rich and thick consistency, and once everything looks blended together (sugar granules still visible), then you’ve done a good job.

3. Transfer your lip scrub mixture into the container that you chose. It’s important for you to label it with the exact date that you made it so you’ll know if it’s still good to use or not.

DIY Lip Scrub-Rich and think consistency

Remember that natural DIY skin care recipes don’t include stuff to preserve your mix or concoction. That means that they have a shorter shelf life compared to commercial ones. Despite this, they’re still good for your skin and non-toxic (meaning you can eat them when you get hungry..kidding!).

Pout and Apply

So we get to the yummy part. When it comes to applying the lip scrub, you don’t have to do anything else like wet your lips and etc. Just apply an ample amount of scrub on your lips and then gently move your finger back and forth, or in a circular motion.

DIY Lip Scrub-Exfoliate your lips gently

Let the scrub sit for 1 minute and then rinse it off with warm water and a washcloth. Your lips should feel really soft and smooth afterwards.

How often?

DIY Lip Scrub-Soft and Kissable lips in no time

The answer to this question will depend on how chapped your lips are. You could do it as often as needed. Your lip scrub is going to last you a good two weeks (if you keep it refrigerated) so it’s your call on how often you want to use it during that time.

Bonus idea: A Tasty Treat for your Friends

If you pick out a really pretty container and then wrap around a bow, colorful strings, or put some stickers on it, it can be a great gift for a friend. It can even be a party favor on your next birthday party (if you can make a bunch for all your guests). The key is to be creative with the container.

Here are a few container ideas that you may want to check out:

DIY Lip Scrub-Give away as gifts