DIY Hair: The Donut Bun Up-do

We’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker sport this style a dozen times, we’ve also seen Lauren Conrad take a shot and rocking something similar to the style that Sarah Jessica has. We’re not actually talking about their clothes nor their designer jeans nor their bags but we’re talking more of the bun up-do which has been a popular hairstyle for many celebs (not just Lauren and Sarah Jessica).

It looks classy and feminine, and it’s a great alternative for the traditional bun where we just tie our hair to a ponytail, twist it and then wrap it around the tied part. This is definitely better and it’s great for just about any occasion, from girl’s night out to a first date. Today, we will teach you exactly how to do the bun up-do without getting too complicated with the bobby-pins and hairblowers.

What you’ll need:

1. A sock – If you want your bun to be fuller or thicker, go for a thicker or longer sock. Otherwise, you can just go with whatever sock you have. There might be an old one somewhere that has lost it’s partner.

2. Scissors

3. Hair tie

4. Hair stuff that you already have to keep everything neat (optional)

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Cut out the toes of the sock and start rolling it in until it looks like a Donut.

GetPretty.Com.Au-Sock Bun Tutorial

TIP: Choose a sock that’s similar or close to your hair color. That way, when you have gaps or spaces, it won’t be so obvious.

2. Tie your hair into a ponytail. You can go as high up as you want because this hairstyle looks fantastic that way.

3. You can go for something messy or something neat. With the messy version, just skip combing your hair with a brush after you tie it. The neat version on the other hand needs a brush and hairspray to smooth everything out.

4. Take the sock bun and insert your hair in the middle. The next thing you’re going to do is the roll down method.

(video by: SockBun101)

5. It might take a few tries before you perfect it but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easy-breezy all the way. You might need a bit of help if you have extra long hair but for upper back to shoulder length hair, you should be alright by yourself.

6. Fix your new bun up-do to your liking. You can put extra hair spray so it looks neater and so it retains it’s shape better.

Optional step:

7. You can spruce up your new hairdo with some ribbons or clips to make it extra adorable.

Style It Up More

There are a lot of looks that you can do once you’ve mastered the roll down method for your sock bun. You can leave a small part out of the bun, braid it and then wrap it around the base. You can also braid bits of your hair while it’s in a ponytail and then do the roll down method with it. bun alternative

Once you’ve finished the six or seven steps you’re good to go. You’re arms may be hurting a bit, especially if you’ve done it more than once  but it’s worth the effort and it’s also great exercise for your arms muscles. It’s the perfect summer hairstyle (aside from the beach hair) and it will look good on almost any type of outfit.

So How’d You Do?

We’d love to see how well you did with your sock bun. Leave a comment if you have more suggestions or maybe you know an extra step that we missed out. Maybe you’d like to share a picture of how you do your sock bun, either way, leave a comment below.