Celebrity Style- Get the Lady GaGa Look

Music charts, Magazine covers, Style guides- Lady Gaga is undoubtedly the glamorous gal everybody is talking about. Just when we think her style couldn’t get any more outrageous than it already is, she surprises the world with the new, zany and trendy. This girl made fashion industry her own playground, gave it that theater note and inspired many designers. Her platinum blond hair, make up and outfits quickly became very popular and, although copying Gaga’s entire stage look is only applicable for Halloween, there are some Gaga looks you can copy in order to bring a little bit of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour into your regular life.

1. Lady Gaga Hair

Sleek long hair with blunt bangs and a bow is the ultimate Gaga style you can try regardless of your hair length and color. If your hair is already long, straightening it, styling your bangs and adding a bow hairpiece will be a piece of cake. If, however, you hair is short, you can solve this problem by getting a wig. No bleaching and dyeing is necessary because you want to create your own Lady Gaga style not transform into her completely.


2. Lady Gaga make-up

Doing your Lady Gaga inspired make-up look is the perfect solution if there is a big party coming up. Big doll-like eyes with fluttering false eyelashes and a lot of eyeliner is what it takes if you decided to steal the show anywhere you show up. You can do it on your own by carefully inspecting the picture of the popular songstress and trying to copy the look or you can browse for tutorials on YouTube.


3. Lady Gaga clothes

As Lady Gaga said many times, she doesn’t wear pants so if your regular wardrobe choices include mostly pants and jeans, going Gaga once in a while could be a nice style change everybody around you are going to notice. You can choose dresses, bodysuits, tights, or jumpsuits- anything you like and think would look great on you. When trying to copy Lady Gaga look there are many styles you can go for and the best part is that you don’t have to go over your credit card limit. These great beige peep toe platform pumps, for example, are one of the many fabulous clearance items at www.amiclubwear.com and their price is only $9.99! Finding a blue tube dress is going to be a piece of cake considering how popular both the style and the color are. When it comes to big black totes the same rule applies. Our under $100 choice is this Marks and Spencer faux crocodile skin bag but you can pick any bag that looks nice, big and fits in your budget. Have fun trying out different things and being stylish, bold and  full of surprises like the popular songstress.

lady gaga look