Can having a dog improve your health?

Dogs are man’s best friend. But are they beneficial to your health? Consider the fact that once your puppy is house-broken, you will be taking it outside or on walks at least two to three times per day. You will also have to give it attention and affection. Then there is the fact that dog food bags, if you want to get your money’s worth, are huge and heavy. Between these three things, a dog can be very beneficial to your health.

Getting your dog outside and taking him or her on regular walks is great for your health as well as the physical health of your pooch. The fresh air and the low-impact exercise will make walking your dog an easy way to get in some physical activity without overdoing it or risking any injury. There are many places that you can take your dog to allow him or her to run off leash, which will tire the dog out faster while allowing you to walk at your own pace.

Giving another creature love, attention and affection is also very good for your health. Creating and building bonds is an essential part of having a balanced lifestyle, and being able to dote on another life can really boost your self-esteem and self-worth. Not to mention that almost all dogs will love you unconditionally as long as you feed it, walk it, and give it some attention.

Having to purchase and carry the dog food will also get you some lifting and strength exercise in small doses. Once you have the bag of dog food in your home, it is both space-saving and quality-assuring to pour the food into large air-tight containers. This will prevent the food from going stale and also make it easier for you to open the containers and lift them if need be.

There are many benefits to owning a dog, as long as you are prepared for the time that they take to care for and properly love. Dogs need a lot of attention most of the time, which can be as easy as pie if you just let them stay close to you. Training them is also a great way to show them that you care, and this will get your up and moving at least a little bit as well. Take the time and effort to care for your dog, and the benefits will come back to you in masses.