Brilliant Invention in Ballet Flats

Fabulous footwear options for commuters are few and far between. You can trudge to work in your boots, flip-flops or sneakers and wear them all day long, or you can you can tote along a potentially heavy bag of shoes to change into at work. Either way gets to be a bit of a hassle for the already fatigued commuter.
Fashion Spy has discovered one of the newest innovations in portable shoes and not only are they lightweight, but very stylish. Available in black or silver these totally transportable flats roll right up and fit into a tiny pink organza bag. They are fashionable and can fit in your purse, desk or even a compartment of your car for the next time you need to change into comfortable shoes on the go.

Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are a beautiful shoe selection to wear with a dress, jeans, trousers or even Capri pants. They look best when paired with tights or leggings of a coordinating color or worn without socks.
Whether you’re a commuter in need a quick pair of shoes to slip into, or a fashionista regrettably wearing your 5-inch stilettos, these rollaway flats are reliable and ready to go wherever you stash them.