Brand to Watch: olsenHaus Vegan Shoes

If earth-friendly and animal-free attire is something that you value in your closet then a great place to start is with shoes – one of nature’s biggest offenders. The very talented Elizabeth Olsen, from olsenHaus Shoe Design, makes cutting-edge vegan shoes that you can comfortably wear knowing they are animal-safe.

Brazil Shoe
We often hear of people being vegan, but what exactly does the terminology “vegan shoes” mean? According to olsenHaus, their shoes are “100% cruelty–free, using only non-animal materials that are environmentally friendly.” In making vegan shoes, olsenHaus uses materials that include synthetic eco-lining, organic cotton, canvas, ultra suede, cork, and more. olsenHaus shoes are never tested on animals and are created in venues carefully inspected to ensure they uphold moral labor and environmental practices.
One of our favorites by olsenHaus is the Blondie boot, made with faux suede and faux patent. This chic boot is shown here in storm and black and would look fabulous over a pair of tights with a funky dress. Another shoe we love for girl’s night out is the Brazil, which features a very high magenta stiletto heel.

Blondie Boot
olsenHaus designs prove that clothing with a conscience can also be incredibly fashionable. Only you will know they are vegan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell everyone.