Best Makeup Tips Learned from Top Aussie Beauty Gurus

Being a beauty guru has its PROS and CONS. You might be wondering: “What CONS?” Well, for one, it’s your job or your responsibility to produce helpful and interesting content for your readers. This means that in order for you to do so you’d have to have a lot of experience with different products. You test it out, you take notes, you found out if it works or if it doesn’t.

Lucky for us that we already know a few of the top Aussie beauty gurus to give us their tried and tested makeup tips to get us through our makeup dilemmas. We don’t have to do the testing and experimenting ourselves!

We’ve compiled a short list of these Aussie beauty experts as well as a few of their valuable makeup tips:

Britney Lee Saunders – Wearing a pop of Electric Blue

Britney is a beauty guru on YouTube. In one of her videos, she diverts from the usual by choosing a to apply an electric blue color on her lids.

Electric Blue may sometimes be a difficult color to wear as it is somewhat of a loud color but the take-away makeup tip we got from her is this: don’t be afraid to pop a little color into your life and onto your eyelids. It could be fun and different!

Electric Blue Makeup - Makeupgeek


MissMae144, another YouTube beauty guru, has a video series on her channel called Buy and Try where she basically shows her audience what she’s purchased and/or what she’s tried. She’s done multiple videos for this series and the main take-away makeup tip we got from these videos is this: don’t knock it until you try it. Try different products and stick to the ones that give you the best results.

Makeup prods

Lilian Tahmasian

Lilian shows off how she does her everyday makeup in yet another YouTube video. She went with the neutral colors from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia pallette which she says helps her avoid looking for different kinds of eyeshadows while getting ready. What’s the take-away makeup tip? It’s this: if you’re too tired of choosing the right eyshadow combination, let an eye makeup palette narrow down your choices. Choose a palette that has the most usable colors – neutral palettes are great for every day.

Maya Mia Palette Anastasia Bevery Hills

Dominique Amor

Dominique, yes you guessed it another one of our fave YouTube beauty gurus, shows girls that they can still pull off wearing noticeably pretty makeup even if they have glasses on. Here’s a take-away makeup tip we got from her video: fill in your brows a notch thicker than usual when you’re wearing makeup and glasses. Another take-away makeup tip from this guru is: if you’re not really feeling a defined eye liner, apply liner on your lids using an eye pencil and then blend it out with a pencil brush to diffuse the color.

Glasses and Makeup


Lilcammo93 is another YouTube beauty guru with very beautiful eyes, but it’s not the eyes that she’s focusing on in a video that we saw her doing. She was doing her everyday makeup and she was showing her secret to a dewy skin finish. What is it? What’s the secret? It’s this: liquid highlighter that you need to concentrate on the high points of your cheeks. That will give you the glowing effect on your skin.

Sunbeam by Benefit

Useful tips, aren’t they? Don’t worry. We’re compiling som more as we speak so check back again to see what we have for you! Stay pretty!