Be Picky: How to choose the right Foundation Shade

Picking out the right foundation shade for you can be a doozy! Depending on what cosmetic company you’re opting for, there could be several to choose from, and by several we don’t mean by 10s or 20s.

So how exactly do you pick the perfect foundation shade for you? Study the color wheel. Don’t worry, it’s as simple as wearing a shirt! Read on to find out.

It has something to do with the color wheel.

You could either be a warm or a cool. The Cool side on the left, tends to be on the lighter side of foundation shades and the Warm side on the right, more of the medium or tan side.

Let us demonstrate further with an example:

Which skin tone do you think is on the cool side and which one do you think is on the warm side?

Answer: If you guessed that the one on the left is cool, then you’re right. The one on the right is warm.  Do you get it now?

Here’s how you find out if you’re a cool or a warm (it’s time to wear some shirts):

Take out a cream colored and a white colored shirt from your closet. Wear both and then decide which one looks better on you. If the white colored shirt suits you better, then you’re a cool. If the cream colored shirt looks better on you, then you’re a warm.

Let’s define this expression next: UNDERTONE

 subdued color; specifically : a color seen through and modifying another color

So if you’re a cool, the best foundation shade for you would have undertones on the cool side of the color wheel. If you’re a warm, then you have to choose a foundation that has undertones on the warm side of the wheel.

Now that color’s done, let’s go to the choosing process:

This part should be easier now that you have an idea of what looks good on you. You should always think about what you want before going into a cosmetics store.

Think about the consistency – maybe you want full coverage for an event or maybe you only want something that’s light so you can wear it everyday. Think about your skin type – if you have oily skin, dry skin, or maybe a combination of both. And lastly, think about what type of foundation you really want -if it’s stick form foundation, mousse form foundation, liquid form foundation or powder form foundation.When you’ve decided, try out a few swatches and see which one is closest to your skin tone and which one you’re most comfortable with.

Before you go and drive straight to your local cosmetics store, here are a few more tips for you to remember:

1. Getting a foundation shade that’s exactly the same color as your skin tone is close to impossible but if you have, remember the shade name or number and then stick to it.

2. Try on a foundation shade before actually purchasing it. Some foundations tend to change color when applied your skin. Try it on the back of your hand.

3. If you’re looking for something lighter on your skin, you could always go for a tinted moisturizer or mousse foundation as an option.

Got everything? Good luck and we hope you find the “right one“.