Autumn 2012 Fashion Themes: 1970s

A fashion statement cannot claim that it is a stand alone statement in itself. The whole world of fashion is all about integration and collaboration of different facets and components, to create the statement that is looked for or applicable in a certain season.

One example is the season of Autumn. This season is a very tricky season to give a fashion statement. This is because it is a mix of a depressing season, and a season to celebrate as well. Most people are forgiving of the fashion statements during Autumn, because coats and overalls are very much welcome to endure the low temperatures. People usually would say that it is encouraging to dress-up during autumn because of the cool temperature and the picturesque background of falling leaves and the emptiness of the trees.

A fashion statement is never a stand alone because it needs color trends and more importantly, a theme. A theme is the overall guide of a season when it comes to creating and following a fashion statement. For this Autumn, a guiding theme is set in place in order to direct the fashion trends and even the purchases of people. The theme becomes the marketing strategy and the directional guide altogether.

For the Autumn 2012, the 1970s theme is still a favored theme, albeit, the 1960s theme is also big on the radar. The 1970s theme is highly favored because fashionistas claim that this theme has never been out from the fashion scene. The 1970s is an era that never runs out of fashion ideas. The 1970s is still alive this Autumn.

The main clothing pieces of this era are the high-wasted pants that are widely flared at the bottom. The pants are usually belted to accentuate the waist. This piece is not only applicable to women, but for the men as well. The pants are usually coupled with blouses that are neat-bow, blouses that are billowing, or blouses with bishop sleeves. These pieces are best with a satin or silk like fabric. The glow is still the trademark of the 1970s because it is also known as the disco era.

Because it is the Autumn season, roll neck sweaters that are tucked into the skirts or pants are the best options for fashion and comfort. It can be accentuated by a vest or a lay over that are covered with beads. This can be paried with a hot pants that illuminate. This pair of clothing can be worn even at work or any day time activity.

For the evening glamour, slinky gowns that are long can be a perfect choice as long as it drapes and has long slits. Maxi dresses or mini dresses worn with big belts that give a loud statement is also very 1970s. A coat with metalic fiber can give the autumn component.

All the clothing pieces can be complemented by high boots that go with them. Handbags that are small but with a long strap are the best accessory for the 70s feel.