Autumn 2012 Fashion Themes: 1960s

They say that the streets are an endless catwalk for the fashion conscious. This becomes essentially true especially during the Autumn season. There is something in Autumn that allows for more room to be fashion forward and an eagerness to join the fashion badnwagon. Suddenly, people who do not have an amour for fashion, becomes very welcoming to the changes in the fashion scene. Even the most ordinary person becomes aware that the streets become a fashion runway.

The changes in the temperature and the visual environment can be the triggers to a changing fashion. Because the temperature suddenly becomes cooler, the people suddenly feel the need for more articles of clothing. And as they do not want to cover themselves with blankets or quilts, people desire for a more fashionably acceptable pieces of clothing.

The fashion world is able to solve these fashion problems and prevent fashion faux pas by creating themes every season. These themes are the center for the creation and selling of the different fashion elements such as the basic clothing, added articles of clothing, shoes, bags, and even accessories.

Autumn fashion themes are mostly influenced by past fashion themes that were just modified and value-added to be applicable and fit for the Fall. For Autumn 2012, the fashion world goes backward to gain inspiration from the powerful decade of 1960s, fashionably speaking.

autumn 1960 fashion

The 1960s are mostly remembered as the English/British inspired generation of fashion. Although the revival of the 1960s fashion has been around for some time already, this Fall will witness a massive time travel back to the sixties with the latest inspirations from the said decade.

Who does not remember the mini skirts with pleats that are tunic-y and printed? How about the block, high-heeled, mary janes? This Autumn, the 1960s theme will come alive again.

The fashion components of block colos for tops and bottoms will be available again. Bright blue green and orange will be available for this Autumn. This is for both men and women. The graphic prints of usually geometrically inspired patterns like irregular shapes will also be a highlight for Autumn 2012’s fashion themes.

For a more feminine touch, the 1960s also offered pieces of clothing that are predominantly made of lace. This is for a more soft and feminine looking, yet very 1960s. This is an option to those who do not want to go all the way for the block style.

Because the main concept is still for Autumn, capes and swing coats will complement the 1960s inspired themes. The coats and capes will provide the function component in giving the protection against low temperatures.

In addition, penny loafer like shoes that are masculine looking will be the best seller as foot wear, even for ladies, to partner with their tops or bottoms.

Accessories like small, square-ish handbags that are made of leather are going to be in style again. Drop earrings will be the main accessories for the fashion theme of the 1960