Prediction: 2012 Autumn Color Trends

The season of autumn may be one of the most favorite seasons of the people in the southern hemisphere. This is because of the cooling weather minus the chill factor that allows the people to continue live without any hassles caused by the extreme temperatures during the summer or during the winter.

Autumn also signals an important turn in the world: fashion. It’s the time to show off the coats, overalls, and even boots. This is the time to flaunt and add clothing pieces without risking to be labeled as overdressed or fashionably exaggerated.

The fashion statements in any season do not just come out as they are. Most of the time, they are guided by a higher factor in the fashion world which are called color trends. Generally speaking, color trends do not just put the color schemes in any fashion. They, at some point or extent, dictate the fashion pieces that would come out in a certain season.

The season of autumn is a very tricky season in that most people believe it is a “sad” or “lonely” season because of the gloomy season that it represents. This is also reinforced by the falling of the leaves and the feeling of a slowing down in the pacing of life. The color trends for fall should therefore divert people’s perspective of the season of autumn as a sad season. However, the color trends should also not be “trying hard” in the way that it is already portraying fall as another season such as the summer or spring.

For Autumn, the color trends are much the same as the last year’s albeit, with more statements including powerful tones, and gradient patterns. Burnt colors, rusty reds are in.

Reed Krakoff - Carolina Herrera - BCBG

The first color of Autumn 2012 is burnt orange. Burnt orange gives a more lively, upbeat, dynamic, and even positive feel for the color of autumn. The changing color of the leaves even how bright they are could not seem to counter the effect of the motion of “falling” to exude a feeling of sadness. However, the tone and gradient of “burnt” gives a positive and exciting feel for the season of Fall.

Still on the burnt color trends, one more color to add is burnt red. Red is still very “autumn-ly” as evident in the leaves during the Fall season. Red is more positive than that of the orange because it also signals the onset of the Christmas season.

The added point for the burnt colors for this Fall season is that both burnt orange and burnt red color trends can be used for both sexes. Women and men can choose clothing pieces and even accessories in this color. The colors also match and blend with all types of skin tone. Moreover, these colors are very good to match with the black or white hue whether tops or bottoms.