Australian Bloggers to Follow (Sydney)

We just can’t enough of style blogs! If you’re like us, you’ll love one of the main sources of inspiration that we frequently visit. It’s called Think of it as an online magazine that focuses on giving individuals, like you, the freedom of getting their unique and individual style out there. The best part about it is that you can be anyone, you could be a student or a mom even. As long as fashion is your way of life, or maybe you just want to have some fun, you can sign up.

There are bloggers from the Philippines down to Russia. There are literally hundreds of Lookbook bloggers on the website but here are a few bloggers from Sydney that caught our attention:

Meet: Nicole Warne

Owner of Gary Pepper Vintage & Fashion Blogger

We like Nicole’s style because it’s a little bit of everything. It’s vintage and modern, feminine and edgy, fun and colorful, and plain yet elegant. If tou do get a chance to take a good look at each of her styles, you can say that she knows what she’s doing. Check out her page here.

Meet: Morgan Joanel

Musician & Fashion Enthusiast

Morgan stays true to her rocker/gypsy spirit. Her style sense can be best described as “Rock n Roll”, a blend of the old, the new, the edgy and a little bit of laid back. All of these elements complement each other perfectly. Check out her page here.

Meet: Camille Sioco

25 Year Old Fashion Blogger

If there was one word to describe this beauty’s style, it would be chic. Her outfits are girly, professional, comfortable and very stylish. Love skirts? or flowy dresses? or sheer tops on leather shorts? Pay Camille’s page a visit. Check out her page here.

Meet: Christian Chou

21 Year Old Student

Style bloggers are not all girls, you know. Meet Christian who says that fashion is his way of expressing who he is. His style is very current but still wearable. We can refer to it as everyday chic — wearing style and comfort together. Check out his page here.

Meet: Zanita Who

Photographer, Blogger & Model

Zanita has a certain nostalgic look to her and to some of her outfits. When you visit her page, it’s almost as if she wears what she feels. You’ll find her in a girly outfit, in a boyish outfit or in a vintage outfit, AND she looks fantastic in everyone. Check out her page here.