Accentuating Your Assets When Choosing Swimwear

The female body comes in many different shapes and sizes, and with that there comes a style of swimwear that best suits each woman’s specific body type. It is important to select a style of swimwear that is going to accentuate what is best about your body so you look great this summer.


Pear Shaped

A pear shaped body is one that can be defined by a larger waist to shoulder ratio. In other words, a person with a pear shaped body has smaller shoulders and larger hips. The best way to accommodate this body type is to go with balcony or triangle tops and low waist bottoms. The balcony or triangle tops show more of the shoulders which give the illusion that the shoulders are a bit wider than they actually are. The low waist bottom works to create the illusion of more narrow hips. Thus, your body looks a bit more proportionate.

Apple Shaped

An apple shaped body is defined by a smaller waist to shoulder ratio. This means that a person with an apple shaped body has larger shoulders and small hips. The best way to balance out this body shape is to go with a bandeau top and high waist short bikini bottoms. The bandeau flattens out larger busts while the high waist short bikini bottom creates the illusion of elongated legs and toned abs.

Hour Glass Figure

Hour glass figures are defined by an equal hip to shoulder ratio, with a smaller waist in between. Casually known as the “coke bottle” figure, people with this body shape are blessed with a figure that can pull off virtually any type of swimwear. However, the types that seem to flatter this figure the most are halter tops, triangle bikinis, and one pieces that are well structured and tailored to the body. These types accentuate the small waist in its best light.

Full Figured

A full figured frame is defined by thicker hips, a rounded bottom, a larger bust, and a waistline that is not thin by traditional standards. Many people associate full figured with overweight, but that in fact isn’t the case. Though shopping for a full figured frame is more challenging, there are options that can showcase this figure in its best light. V-neck tops work to create a more elongated look. Dark colors automatically slim the body a few inches. Also, 1 piece bathing suits work well to camouflage any areas that are unflattering.

In addition to these suggestions, remember to pick swimwear that is going to be both cute and comfortable. There is nothing flattering about swimwear that causes you to feel uncomfortable the entire time you are wearing it. Other than that, have fun and enjoy the weather and the water!