8 Celebrity Casual Looks for Inspiration

Just like everyone else, celebrities need time off. That would be the perfect time for them to relax, eat out, go shopping, grab a cup of coffee with a friend and etc. All thanks to the unending, picture taking efforts of the paparazzi, we get a chance to see what famous people do during their down time and what they wear while doing them.

We have 8 on our list of celebrity casual looks that are stylish enough for the camera let alone for visiting the drugstore that’s two blocks away.

CelebCasual-8-Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is looking very grunge while she walks towards her car carrying a plastic bag.

Styling it your way:

Instead of the studded boots, you could go for oxford shoes or sneakers. You could also downplay it a little bit by ditching the stockings and going for just plain flipflops.

CelebCasual-7-Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is looking very comfortable and sharp in this outfit. The jacket ties everything together, making the entire outfit a blend of style and comfort.

Styling it your way:

You can play this outfit up by choosing more vivid and fun colors for the pants or for the bag.

CelebCasual-6-Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush wearing notice worthy vintage pieces. The doll shoes, plus the tiger sweater go perfectly with the red bag. The updo goes with the whole vintage vibe too!

Styling it your way:

As long as you have a plain colored bag and plain colored shoes, you can get away with making your sweater the focal point. Try out other animal prints to keep the vintage vibe going.

CelebCasual-5-Eva Longoria

Eve Longoria is looking pretty cute and carefree on this outfit. The pink slippers were a nice touch in bringing in a pinch of color without getting all the attention away from the black dress.

Styling it your way:

A dress is always a great option when you don’t know what to wear. Pick whatever color you like for the dress and for the sandals or slippers just as long as you they have minimal designs or prints on them.

CelebCasual-4-Rochelle Wiseman

Check out Rochelle Wiseman looking very fashionable. The leather jacket is great piece to have. With it on, any outfit will instantly become fashionable and current.

Styling it your way:

A beanie would go perfectly with the outfit! You could also try wedges or heels instead of the sneakers.

CelebCasual-3-Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus isn’t twerking or working, she’s hitting the streets with her very own sense of hip, vintage style on platforms.

Styling it your way:

We think that you can also change the leggings into shorts or change the hat into a beanie.

CelebCasual-2-Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is looking very stylish and chic and tall in this outfit. Long maxi skirts are a great way to “cheat” your height. You can do this by wearing platforms or wedges together with it. Just make sure that the skirt is long enough.

Styling it your way:

Without the hat, you can actually wear something sleeveless. You could also tuck in your blouse (or shirt) to make you look even taller.

CelebCasual-1-Karolina Kurkova

Despite the bright colors on this outfit,┬áKarolina Kurkova is looking very rock and roll. We’re thinking that it could be the jacket’s design paired with the leather boots.

Styling it your way:

If you don’t have a similar jacket, it’s alright because the outfit still works perfectly even if you remove it. An oversized t-shirt could work too and then maybe switch up the sling bag with a shoulder bag.