7 Skincare Myths You Need to Know Today

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner at fashioning your own skincare routine, we’re sure you’ve heard most of these before because, we have to admit, a lot of people still believe these skincare myths even to this day.

Commonly, skincare beginners fall for these skincare myths for a period of time but as they progress in their journey to finding the right skincare routine for their skin type, they usually wish that they’ve known these right from the start.

Take notes ladies. These may change the way you care for your skin:

Skincare Myth #1: Exfoliating around the eyes is bad.


How many times have we heard of this before? It’s bad to exfoliate around the eyes because that area is very sensitive. The truth is, exfoliating around that area is actually a good thing. The trick is to use a gentle exfoliant. Stay away from facial scrubs that are really coarse.

Skincare Myth #2: Find a good routine and stick to it.



This sounds kind of self-explanatory and practical which makes it all the more believable but, take note, you shouldn’t follow just one routine. Let me explain. When seasons change, your skin condition will change. This means that you have to fashion your routine according to how your skin reacts to the weather and the temperature. By extension, you also have to choose the right products – cream with a higher SPF during summer time, a thicker moisturizer during cold weather and so on.

Skincare Myth #3: Water is all you need.


Water is great for the skin and it does help with hydration, but water alone cannot do the trick to keep your skin looking healthy and supple. It’s a combination of things like diet + exercise + sunscreen/ moisturizer.

Skincare Myth #4: Any type of sunscreen will do.


This may sound “legit” but the truth is, when it comes to sunscreen, you should choose one that’s broad spectrum. This will protect you from both UVA and UVB. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the amount fo SPF in it. So, if possible, go for a sunscreen that’s broad spectrum and with the right amount of SPF.

Skincare Myth #5: Just soap and water.


Most people wish they had known this earlier. Just soap and water will not do the trick as your skin ages. You would need other products like serums, sunscreens and so on. There are so many products in the market these days (even weird ones with snail extract and bee venom) so the best ting to do is to sample the ones that catch your attention and see if it works for you or not. Don’t just settle for soap and water.

Skincare Myth #6: Cream is still cream.


Have you ever tried body cream on your face? If you have then you’ve committed a skincare sin. Body cream and facial cream are totally different because the skin on those areas of our body is also different. You cannot use body cream for your face because it will not work the same way as a facial cream.

Skincare Myth #7: No more sunscreen indoors.


Did you know that the best way to fight skin-aging is to apply sunscreen and to avoid the sun whenever you can? Yep, it’s true! Even if you are indoors, you still need to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to battle the harmful rays coming from your own light.

Final Tips

There are still loads of myths out there that we weren’t able to include in this list. It could get confusing but here are some final tips to help you out:

  1. Skincare is simple. Don’t complicate it.
  2. A good skincare routine should be combined with a good diet and a good exercise routine.
  3. Avoid smoking and too much sun exposure.