5 Ways to Wear Not so Loud Aztec Prints

Aztec prints are still trending these days but how exactly do you wear them without being too loud or too colorful? We’ve thought of the exact same question and we’ve come up with a few answers. We figured that it’s possible for Aztec prints to be neutral and down played, without sacrificing your personal style and chic-ness. You just have to choose the right colors, combined with the right Aztec patterns.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions for your to get inspiration from. Here are 5 neutral outfits that aren’t too loud for your taste. We’ve added a few hints of color but they don’t blow the outfits up that much. We were going for something young, stylish but still neutral and wearable (great for summer):

1. Denim Shorts with Aztec Patterns

Getpretty.com.au-Style Guide-Plain Jane with Aztec Prints (4)



Style Points:

You probably own a statement t-shirt or two.  That will look great with denim shorts that have Aztec prints on them. Both the t-shirt and the patterns on the shorts have to be neutral colored so you can get away with your bag or accessories being bright.

2. Aztec Patterns on a Dress

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Style Points:

Dresses are always great if you “don’t have anything to wear”.  They’re a no brainer and this one is no exception. The dress cut is really current and it goes great with the dark grey color and the black Aztec patterns. Go for something similar and then maybe you can down play it using skin-tone colored  sandals and a cute canvas bag.

3. Aztec Feet

Getpretty.com.au-Style Guide-Plain Jane with Aztec Prints

Style Points:

We just love these purple shoes with the Aztec prints on them. We paired them with all black and white items: black studded bag, black bondage skirt and a white midriff tee that says Geek. Let’s not forget the vintage sunnies. Edgy but not over the top!

4. Incognito Aztec Patterns on Pants

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Style Points:

The printed jeans from this outfit is definitely an item that you should consider adding to your closet. We just love the patterns and the monochromatic effect at the bottom. You can actually get away with pairing these printed skinny jeans with whatever tee you have as long as it’s neutral colored.

We wanted to make this outfit “pop out” just a little bit so we paired everything with royal blue loafers. Gold chains or whatever gold accessories you have go best with the entire ensemble.

5. Easy Breezy Peasant Top

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Style Points:

This would be the last outfit but it certainly is the most laid back. White washed skinny jeans, plus a neutral colored peasant top with Aztec prints go great together. Again, we added a bit of color with the yellow sandals. It’s an outfit that merges style and comfort. Goes well with a messy bun!

You bag doesn’t have to be fringed but what would look great are shoulder bags with long straps.

Last Minute Tips

You probably have your own ideas for your outfits now that you’re almost finished with reading this post. Just a few tips though:

1. Gold accessories are great if you have white, blacks or greys on.

2. It’s always great to have a small hint of color to your outfit.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear prints!