5 Things that Need to Change this 2015

Happy new year pretties! How has your first official week of the new year been? I hope it’s been better than mine because I have a bit of the holiday hang over  and getting into my daily routine has been a struggle.

Happy New Year - 2015

The day before yesterday, I was just rolling around in bed, not really feeling like doing anything. I rolled over facing the ceiling and I thought to myself that the new year barely even started but I’m already acting like I want it to be over even though I feel like this is going be a fabulous year for me.

I got up and wrote down 5 things that need to change this 2015. Maybe this will inspire you to really assess your life and see where exactly you’re steering it towards.

1. Live with purpose.

There’s a big difference between merely existing and living your life with purpose. I figured that I needed to make the transition between existing  and living with purpose this year. Of course, there’s always room for allowing things to fall into their places but I’ve made the conscious decision of really changing my perspective of how I live out my life – even if it’s just a day at a time.

Live everyday with purpose or intention.

2. Follow through.

I don’t know if it’s the same thing with you but I have the habit of starting things out strong and then ending them weak. It doesn’t matter what the project is – it could be budgeting my weekly salary, it could be exercising (no surprise there), it could be cleaning the house and so on. I really have strong planning skills but I need a little bit of work in the area of implementation.

Plan and then follow through.

3. Be healthy.

Whatever new year list you have, it will not be complete without this one (definitely). Being healthy, for me, doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to exercise everyday. It’s more of changing my lifestyle so I can feel better and look better.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Money Plan.

For the past x-years that I have been working, I only have a few investments to show for it but there’s nothing concrete that I can fall back on. This year, in line with living with a purpose, I will also be saving with a purpose. I drew up a plan to keep track of how much I earn and then I divided that into my bills, expenses and savings.

Save intentionally. Take the 52-week money challenge,

5. Take in more.

To take in more, for me, means to get more out of life this year. I’d like to say that my goal is to live 2015 fully – to love more, to travel more, to forgive more, to do more, to experience more and whatever other positive “mores” you can think of.

These are my own goals and I’m sure you have one of your own. Don’t allow yourself to feel like another year has just passed without you doing something – or anything, for that matter. Like I said ladies, it’s going to be a fabulous year, not just for me but, for all of us so it’s time that we put the carpe diem-ing into full throttle.


Are you with me?

Signature - Mea P. (Author)