5 Reasons Why you Should Use Lipbalm

If there was one makeup item that I couldn’t go 3 days without, it’s lip balm although I don’t really consider it as a makeup up item but more of a skin care or lip care item. I think I was in college when I first used it. I just couldn’t stop after my first tube so here I am now, reaping the benefits of using lip balms for years.

In my opinion, it should be in every girl’s make up bag. Why is it so necessary? Here are just a few of the benefits that you can get from using lip balm on a daily basis:

EOS Lipbalm in Sweet Mint

1. Hydrated Lips

Harsh weather conditions, like extreme cold or extreme heat, can majorly chap your lips. Chapped lips are painful and unattractive. Applying lip balm can be a preventive measure. Even if the weather is just fine, putting on lip balm is still beneficial, so your lips stay soft and moisturized all day.

Please remember: Licking your lips when they are chapped does not help.

2. Lipstick Alternative

Make up beginners are sometimes too scared to try on different lipsticks, probably, because they’re still intimidating. Tinted lip balms can be an alternative. The finish is more natural, your lips get the hydration they need and the color is not as intense as the color you get from lip sticks (although there are some that are really pigmented).

3. Sun Protection

There are lip balms that offer a certain amount of SPF. Also, most lip balms have certain ingredients that will naturally give you protection from UVB exposure.

EOS Lipbalms in the Summer

4. Lip Primer

Before applying lipstick, you can opt to put lip balm on first to hydrate your lips and lock in the moisture. Believe me, you’re lipstick will look way better on a moisturized lip.

5. Lip Balms are FUN

Have you seen the variety of lip balms out there? There are different shapes of lip balms with different fun colors and fun flavors. The most fun lip balms I’ve seen so far are from Lipsmackers. They have Coco-Cola flavored lip balms, Dr Pepper lip balms and many more.

What's Inside an EOS Lipbalm

Just remember that lip balms are not substitutes for the good old hydration that water brings. It’s still important that you get your 6-8 glasses per day.

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