5 Cosmetic Items that Will Make You Look Better

Photogenic -- 1
This is me and my naked face. As you can probably tell by my eyebags, I stayed up last night (every night actually).

We all have our off days — bad hair, pimples popping out all over your face, 5-pound eye luggage, and etc. Unfortunately, everyone’s been there and there’s no one who’s exempt from this because everyone is affected by stress. There’s more! Coincidentally all of these seem to happen on days where you need to look your best — picture day at school or maybe you have a job interview to go to (GREAT!). Now what?


Thankfully, we don’t have to go through the day looking like this. A dab of foundation there and a swipe of color here will do the trick (thank you to the inventors of make-up)! You don’t need to put on a whole bunch of stuff on your face in order for you to look great. All you really need are 5 cosmetic items:


1. (The Perfect) Foundation

Foundation is your best friend if your skin is not cooperating during a very important day. It conceals, brightens, smooths out your skin and reduces redness. You can even get rid of your dark, under eye circles even if you don’t put concealer on.

If you feel like putting on foundation is “too much“, all you have to do is spot correct. Spot correct means spotting imperfections on your face and then applying the foundation there (on that area only). This is why you need a foundation that easily blends to your skin and is closest to your natural skin color.


 2. Natural Colors — eyes, cheeks, lips

When choosing the colors to put on your face, the most natural looking is, of course, earthy or neutral colors.

For your eyes, you could try different shades of brown like Sienna, Buff, or Tan.

For your cheeks, it would be great if you could find a coral or peachy blush. On second thought, any type of blush will work as long as you apply just enough to make your cheeks look flushed.

For your lips, stick to more neutral shades of pink or orange. Better yet, go for a tinted lipbalm or a nude gloss.

Photogenic -- 2



3. Contour

Since our goals is to make you look photo-ready, you’ll need something to sculpt your face, making it look smaller. In the make-up world, we call this magic tool as contour. It’s basically a darker powder (three shades darker than your skin tone/ foundation color). Use this on the hollows of your cheeks and on your forehead.

A bronzer will work the same way as long as it doesn’t have any shimmer on it.


4. Highlight

The next step that you should do after contouring is highlighting. Highlighting’s just like contouring but this time, with highlighting, you’re going to use a much lighter powder (preferably something with shimmers) to emphasize certain facial features. Apply a bit of highlight powder under your brows, on your cupid’s bow and on the highest points of your cheeks.

Photogenic -- 3



5. Mascara

Photogenic -- 4

This would probably be my most favorite of all items because this makes your eyes look bigger (and by extension, “not tired” looking). Applying mascara really opens up your eyes and brightens them. You definitely need that if you want to look great — happier and more awake– on an important day .


Applying all of these:

Photogenic -- 5

I only wear make-up when it’s necessary and as you saw earlier, I definitely needed it today. My skin looks fresher, my eyes look brighter and I didn’t have to put on too much make-up. And, you don’t too! Stick to these 5 items and you’ll always look fresh and ready to take on your day!

Photogenic -- 6