5 Awesome Yoga YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

Not everybody has the time to go the gym and workout. The solution to this is simple and FREE: search exercises that you can do at home. There’s weight lifting, stationary biking, aerobics and so on but probably among all of these choices, the easiest exercise you can do at home is Yoga. Do you agree?

Yoga can help with lots of things like posture, stiff muscles, body pain and balancing your body, not to mention giving your muscles a work out of their own. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner yogi¬†because there’s one place on the internet where you can get a full body yoga workout: YouTube.

You’ve come to the right place because we will show you exactly who to follow on YouTube to kick-start your Yoga at home workout:

Yoga with Adriene

30 days with Adriene

We just love Adriene channel to bits because she has this 30day-yoga program that beginner yogis can follow. Here’s the best part: since it’s for beginners, Adriene eases her viewers into yoga practice. Day 1 is easy. The level of poses and repetitions progress as the days advance.

Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi features a lot of yoga videos. Some challenge videos (a series of videos you can do daily), some targeted like if you have a hangover, some random like videos of the teacher doing yoga while it’s raining (and while good music is playing). This one particular video was very mesmerizing as the move were very fluid and graceful. See for yourself!

Yoga by Candace


This is a great channel to visit if you want to do yoga during a specific timeFor example, if you’d like to do yoga for 15mins, Candance has these videos that you can follow. There are also¬†yoga routines that are more specific towards waking up, towards strength, flexibility and so on. Her voice on her videos is also very relaxing!


PsycheTruth posts a lot of educational videos. It’s not just yoga. A viewer can learn about massage, nutrition, psychology and a lot more. But since yoga is our main focus for today, you should check out this channel because their yoga videos focus on de-stressing, relaxing and pain relief.

Sean Vigue Fitness

You may have noticed that most channels were of girls but for this last one, let’s give it to the boys with Sean Vigue’s Fitness channel. He posts yoga exercises for men, dumbell exercises, stretching routines and even football conditioning programs. The boys are going to love his channel! If you’re a girl who’s interested in doing his exercises then by all means.

Set-up, Subscribe and Get Started


There you have it, 5 channels that will get you started on doing yoga at home. Who needs to go to the gym when you have a whole crew of YouTubers willing to be your yoga instructor. The greatest thing is it’s FREE and you can do it any time of the day. All you need is a yoga mat at this point, so what are you waiting for?