3 Tips When Changing Your Hair Color

Change your Hair, Change your Life
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This quote, as you may know, was made famous by Coco Chanel: ” A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” but what about a woman who dyes her hair dramatically? What is she about to do?

From the looks of it, she may want to make an impression in the 2015 Paris Fashion Week. 34-year old reality star, Kim Kardashian, was spotted in Paris showing off her platinum tresses. You may have seen her as a blonde but that was “safe” compared to the hair color that she has now. Kim K is no stranger to changing hair colors but this has to be the most striking change of all.

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If you’re like Kim who likes to change her hair color every now and then, these 3 tips may be essential for you to remember.

3 Tips When Changing Your Hair Color

1. Brow Color to Hair Color

The basic rule: your brows need to be in sync with your hair color. If your hair color is brown then your brows need to be a shade of lighter brown. If your hair is black then your brows need to be dark brown and so on. Only a few people can pull off the light-hair + dark-brows combination, like Kim K and Cara Delevinge.

Light Hair Dark Brows Cara Delevinge
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2. If Hair Color = Light, Then Length = Short

Be ready to sacrifice some length when you want to go lighter. There is no work around to this even if you’re working with a pro stylist. You cannot achieve the vividness you want if you don’t chop off the damaged ends of your hair. This is probably why Kim K’s hair looks a lot shorter.

Platinum Blonde and Styled Kim Kardashian
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3. Don’t Dye-ve in Hair First

If you’re natural hair color is dark, don’t dye it light immediately. Try one or two shades lighter at first and then you can go from there. The stronger the change the more likely for the results to be disappointing. Take it slow.

What Coco Said

Coco is right but it’s not just about cutting your hair. Changing your hair color may very well change your perspective in life.

Changing Your Hair Color


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