3 FREE iPhone Apps for Better Selfies

It’s no secret that everyone nowadays knows what a Selfie is. It’s a term and an act that needs no introduction even to the people that were born way before the 2000s arrived — everyone’s doing it! However, the problem is: not everyone is good at it. There are a lot of people who take great selfies (like Kylie Jenner, for example) but there are also a lot of people who take not so good ones (let’s not name names for this one).

So, to remedy this, Getpretty brings you our top 3 picks of iPhone apps that’ll help you look effortlessly better when you take a selfie.

(Warning: No makeup was used in this blog post)

Selfie App #3: Plastic Surgery Simulator (Lite)

Plastic Surgery Simulation App Features (Lite)

Why we like this app: this app basically simulates plastic surgery results with just a few clicks on your screen. It’s easy to use and the lite version allows you to save the edited version or the before-and-after version of your picture into your photo gallery. This version lets you make something smaller or bigger by choosing the right setting and by touching the area you want altered.

Before and After Pictures - Saved in Photo Gallery
Before and After

Selfie App #2: Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary App Features

Why we like this app: this app is very user-friendly (to the tech-savvy) so you don’t really need a lot of instructions to know how to use it. You can take a photo or edit an existing photo and then apply effects, frames and stickers on it. You can also change the orientation, the focus, and adjust the lighting of the photo you chose. You can also crop it if you like.

Processed photo on Aviary

Selfie App #1: Camera360

Camera360 App Features

Why we like this app: this has to be the ultimate selfie app ever made. This app lets you beautify your skin with pre-existing skin beautifying settings (you probably cannot turn the skin Magic off) and it lets you apply filters that will further enhance your already beautiful face. There are a lot of buttons to push so you may get lost at first but, for sure, you’ll get the hang of it after the second photo.

Camera360 After Picture

So that wraps it up for our top 3 picks of FREE iPhone apps that’ll help you take better selfies. We highly recommend Camera360 (you’ll love it) but the other 2 are just as good. Do you have secret iPhone apps of your own to help you take the perfect selfie?Signature - Mea P. (Author)