10 Surprising Uses of Coke You Did Not Know About

Coke — the name of the drink that needs no introduction. It’s been part of our hot summer days and most of our parties and dinners. It’s something that most of us cannot do without and you could even say that it’s the very thing that brightens up your day. It’s definitely a household name and people have identified it as the thirst-quenching, drink of choice (apart from water).

Coke isn't just for drinking - 1

With that said, let’s pause and put our affections for gulping down the bubbly concoction aside for a moment. As well known and as widely loved as it can be, did you know that there are a few other uses for it aside from just pouring it into a glass full of ice and enjoying every sip you take? Yes, it’s true and you’d be surprised at how useful it is around the…

Let’s not mention it directly. Here’s our list of 10 surprising uses of coke you did not know about:

1. Coke removes rust

Surprising, isn’t it? It definitely removes rust and the way to do it would be to take a piece of fabric or aluminium foil, dip it in coke and then rub it on the rust that needs to be removed.

Coke isn't just for drinking - 2

2. Coke removes blood stains from fabric

Another surprising use, ey? Pour a bit of coke on the fabric with the blood stain and then rub it together as if you were hand-washing it.

3. Coke cleans burnt pans and descales kettles

All you have to do is soak your pans and kettles into a bucket of coke for a bit. Rinse them and then wash them like how you would regularly do it.

Coke isn't just for drinking - 3

4. Coke’s good for making pennies shine

If you’re a coin/penny collector and you have several ones that have lost their luster, all you have to do is soak them in coke. The tarnish will come right off.

5. Coke can remove gum from your hair

We no longer need to snip a small portion of our locks when, for some odd reason, a gum gets stuck on it. This is a great tip for parents! In this unlikely event, what you need to do is soak the “affected area” on coke, for a few minutes. The gum will come off easily after the soak.

6. Coke can kill snails and slugs

Coke isn't just for drinking - 6

Have a precious garden that you need to protect from the disgusting snails and slugs that mess it up during the rainy or winter season? Well, here’s a nifty tip for you. You can get a small plastic container, put a bit of salt in it, pour in your coke, bury it half way on the ground (preferably in a shady area of your garden) and then wait for the snails to take the bait. Beer works just as well too!

7. Coke can defrost frozen windshields

Speaking of winter season, you don’t have to worry yourself about how to defrost your windshield. Pour some coke on  and wait for something to happen.

8. Coke can remove stains from china (the vitreous kind)

If you’re wondering what vitreous china is, it’s the ceramic material that your plumbing utilities are made of. You basically pour Coke into a cloth and then go ahead and get the wiping going.

9. Coke can be a tool for a really cool “magic” trick

Who doesn’t love a slushee? Better yet, who doesn’t love an instant slushee soda? Trick your friends into thinking that you can make coke freeze on command. It’s pretty simple and very cool. (You’re welcome) Here’s how you do it:

10. Coke can clean your toilets

If you’re mom tells you that she’s running to the store because you’re all out of toilet cleaner, tell her to sit down. Coke is the answer! This is for real and it’s been proven and tested on many blogs and vlogs. All you have to do is pour some Coke into your toilet boil, let it sit for a few minutes and then flush.

Coke isn't just for drinking - 5


#9 is pretty cool and Coke seems to be really useful but with the different uses mentioned it makes you think if it’s a drink that you really need to be drinking often.

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