10 Encouraging Quotes that Will Help you Survive a Monday

Everybody in the entire world knows how you feel. It’s a Monday again and it’s always harder than usual to wake up and get up. Maybe it’s because we still have a lingering feeling from the weekend or maybe because we don’t like the job that we’re going to go to as soon as we leave home; whatever the case, Mondays are no fun but these 10 quotes might be able to help:

Smile for the simple reason that you can.

Do it every morning in front of the mirror. You’d have to get up first, but the day will get better as soon as you smile.

Encouraging Quote - 1

It all starts with believing.

Starting out your day every Monday may be difficult but if you start believing that your day will get better, it will. While you’re at it, believe that you can conquer anything Monday throws at you.

Encouraging Quote - 2

Find the good.

Something good is bound to happen today! It’s highly unlikely that there will be no good in your day. The good could come in a delicious cup of coffee, a sale or a greeting from an unexpected person. Whatever the case, you don’t need to wait for it. Rather, find it.

Encouraging Quote - 3

Don’t forget your crown.

You’re a princess so you always have to remember the crown your wearing. Don’t let it fall off your head, ok?

Encouraging Quote - 4

Today is an opportunity.

You never know what opportunities the new day will bring you if you don’t go up and atom!

Encouraging Quote - 5

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Your yesterday is important, but it shouldn’t affect your today and tomorrow.

Encouraging Quote - 6

Re-reading and re-visiting are not allowed.

Start a new chapter of your day and your life. Forget about what happened yesterday or the other day. Start a new chapter and move forward.

Encouraging Quote - 7

Be a butterfly.

Are you going to be sleepy caterpillar all your life? No. You need to become a butterfly.

Encouraging Quote - 8

Your own sparkle.

Each of us has his or her own sparkle. Don’t let anyone dull you down. Let your sparkle shine through.

Encouraging Quote - 9

Your prettiest when you’re happy.

Now, this is in the immortal words of Ms. Audrey Hepburn herself. Would you argue with what Ms. Hepburn says?

Encouraging Quote - 10

If that doesn’t give you the positive vibes you need for the rest of the day, I don’t know what will. Change your thinking and see good things happening. Go ahead, start your Monday already and don’t forget to get back to this as soon as the next Monday hits.