10 Easy Ways to Help Stay Fit and Healthy

There’s many little things you can do to change to your life, chances are you’ve already heard of these simple ways to keep yourself in shape and healthy, but the problem is — did you take action on them and apply them to your daily life since they are so simple and easy?

Hehe, probably not, we all get distracted! But all is OK, here’s a refresher on everyday things which can help boost your health and keep your weight in check.


They’re not glamorously new, and indeed, seem positively mundane – but without these solid steps, the foundations to your new, healthy lifestyle that you desire are sure to remain shaky and unconvincing.

1. Drink  more water
Drinking enough water keeps a person hydrated and helps deliver nutrients to organs along with accelerating the elimination of toxin waste. Beside which, regularly topping up on H2O along with soups and fresh juices can stave off hunger pangs, helping you keep the calories down. Aim for at least eight glasses a day; more if you work out. Read more at webMD

2. Forget about fad diets
The great draw of fad diets is, of course, the fact that they work. After all, if you ate nothing but cabbage for two weeks, you’d lose weight… anyone would! But none of them work in the long run – because no one can eat cabbage forever. And even the most die-hard no-carb diets devotees in Asia have to acknowledge that sooner or later, you’re going to want to eat rice.

3. Breathe deeply
Spending hours in front of your computer? The easiest way to counter any adverse effects from such is to breathe deeply. Rapid, shallow breathing increases muscle tension. Tense muscles could, in turn, increase the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Enjoy the big deep breaths.

4. Eat breakfast
Having breakfast is the one true way to eat your way to weight loss. It’s been proven that eating breakfast helps curb your cravings for sweet food because your body is able to maintain a steady blood sugar level throughout the morning.

5. Stand up straight
Good posture really can make you look thinner, mainly because when you stand up straight with shoulders back and stomach in, you look taller and the stomach looks smaller. More importantly, it will help you burn more calories because when you work to maintain the proper posture, the extra effort is costing you calories. In the long run, good posture can help alleviate back problems, too.

6. Adjust your computer
Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s vital that you don’t strain your eyes, according to the report on BBC Health. You need to arrange your desk to that you’re a comfortable distance from the computer screen, with a good posture and hand control at the keyboard. Your eyes should be about level with the top of screen.

7. Sit when you eat
Eating while on the move has been shown to increase the amount of calories people will eat by up to 15 percent! That’s probably because you don’t realize just how much you’re eating. Aim to stop this by eating meals sitting down, taking your time and fully appreciating the taste and amount of food being consumed.

8. Use smaller plate
The bigger your plate, the less food you think you’re eating. Conversely, when you eat off smaller plates, even your normal portions can seem like a lot because the plate seems so full. This is a particularly useful trick when your’re trying to watch your calorie intake, or when indulging in foods you know aren’t all that good for you, such as fried rice and french fries.

9. Eat three hours before you sleep
It’s true what your mum told you; lying down right after a meal is bad for you. Sleeping right after eating means energy that should be used for rebuilding and repairing cells while you sleep is redirected to help our body digest the food. Also, your digestive system is programmed to work best when you’re upright – which means being horizontal makes it inefficient and sluggish, which in turn contributes to weight gain. Thus, eating at least three hours before you sleep will help you keep weight in check, and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

10. Have a Cup of tea or coffee
Some studies have linked drinking tea every day to better immunity. That’s because tea contains a chemical called L-theanine, which appears to boost the body’s defense against bacterial infections. Black, green and oolong teas all the immune-boosting chemical.


11. Exercise
Some way say the most important of all is regular exercise, check out the health and fitness section at Health Direct and also be sure to check out an overview of some of the latest research into what the human body needs in terms of exercise via the BBC’s Michael Mosley The Truth about Excersize which theres a preview to watch on youtube here

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