Rimmel London GLAM Eyes HD 003 Royal Blue: The Look & The Review

So a few days back, I posted swatches of the Rimmel London GLAM Eyes

Workout Inspiration: Jen Selter’s Buns of Steel

The first few words that came out of my mouth when I saw Jen Selter were: “Woah! Are those for real?” A lot of people that saw her for the first time had uttered words that were very similar in idea to mine. It’s a very common reaction because, let’s face it, Jen’s buns of steel are just too good to be true. It all started on Instagram when intriguing pictures of Jen’s behind surfaced. I did my research and found the face (and the name) behind the infamous derriere. Read More »

Love is freedom – Addiction is an Obsession that leads to destruction

Love is not a cure for a lack of self confidence, self worth, old emotional scars, the need for confirmation of character and so on. If it is, there’s a big problem, if the love relationship goes on without working to resolve those issues, then it’s like sleeping with a monster under the bed. And one day that monster will come out. Read More »

Swatch of the Week: Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD 003 Royal Blue

Glam Eyes HD 003 Royal Blue Rimmel London Read More »

The Easiest Way to Produce Smokey Eyes

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Korean-Inspired Make-up Tutorial (Skin, Eyes, & a Winsome Personality)

I was exploring on YouTube a few days ago and I came across a video that featured How-To tutorials suited for Koreans. I think the show is called “Get it Beauty” and watching that inspired me to create a look based on what Korean women are known for. Read More »

Short Review & Swatch: E.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream – St. Lucia

Cream blushes are great when it came to achieving that natural, healthy glow. The dilemma there, however, is finding a cream blush that will give you great pigmentation and great staying power without breaking your piggy bank. I’ve tried several cream blushes (the affordable ones) but the main problem I’ve had with them is the staying power. Setting it with a powdered blush might help make it stay longer but I like how a cream blush makes your skin look glowy so I usually just skip that step. Read More »

Review + Swatch: Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent 787302

For 3 days, I contemplated on what powder to buy for myself. Yes, for 3 whole days. If you’re a make-up enthusiast, searching online for the perfect pressed or loose powder is not as easy as breathing in air. I wanted to buy (and add to my collection) the perfect translucent powder! Read More »

Make-Up Products Under $3 by Emilynoel83

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My Way: How to Neaten Up Your Brows

Have you ever looked at the mirror and find everything on your face perfect with the exception of your brows? I bet we’ve all had days like that. Your eyes may be the windows to your soul but your browse are considered as the frames to your windows so they’re just as important. Your brows frame your face and they can change the way you look when you shape them differently. You can go from glamorous to angelic just by changing your brow’s arch. Read More »

Make-Up Tutorial by JulieG

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How To Deal With Arguments

May it be with a friend, with your parents or with your special someone, arguments are not pretty (period). How exactly do you recover from a nasty argument? What do you do next? Do you make the first move or do you wait for the first move to be made? Deciding what to do next is a little tricky but something has to happen, something will happen whether you do something or not. One thing’s for sure, though, both parties will lose if you both decide to leave it at that without resolving the issue. Read More »

Make-Up Remover Challenge: Local VS Imported Brand

Make-up removers — they have to be reliable. That’s a given since you don’t really want to have left-over make-up on your face while you sleep. It’s not going to be good for your skin so you need a make-up remover that gets all of your foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara off . With this thought in mind, I wanted to test out how my two make-up removers do against each other — how reliable they are in removing make-up. Read More »

5 Cosmetic Items that Will Make You Look Better

We all have our off days — bad hair, pimples popping out all over your face, 5-pound eye luggage, and etc. Unfortunately, everyone’s been there and there’s no one who’s exempt from this because everyone is affected by stress. There’s more! Coincidentally all of these seem to happen on days where you need to look your best — picture day at school or maybe you have a job interview to go to (GREAT!). Now what? Read More »

10 Surprising Uses of Coke You Did Not Know About

Coke — the name of the drink that needs no introduction. It’s been part of our hot summer days and most of our parties and dinners. It’s something that most of us cannot do without and you could even say that it’s the very thing that brightens up your day. It’s definitely a household name and people have identified it as the thirst-quenching, drink of choice (apart from water). Read More »

Nail Swatch: ESTILO Flash Beige Pink & Review

It’s definitely high time for me to do a nail post. I’ve been doing tips, beauty, sometimes exercise posts and tutorials but I’ve never really done a nail post so it’s time to change it up. Read More »

Happy New Hair: Celebrity Short Hair Inspiration

New year goals — CHECK! More positive outlook on life — CHECK! Chopping off locks — A POSSIBILITY! Read More »

Swatch: Lol’s Glittery Eye Cream in Starry Night (01)

Don’t you just love the holidays ? Everybody seems to have that joyful and giving spirit, especially now that Christmas is fast approaching. Read More »

Tested and Proven Exercises to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Dysmenorrhea — a word that requires no introduction or explanation to 90% of the female population that experience the severity of it once a month. The term is also referred to as the dreaded “menstrual pain” or “menstrual cramps”. Read More »

Wash Board Abs 4 Days After Delivering Baby — Your take?

If you’re a true citizen of the interweb, there could only have been one name that popped into your thoughts upon reading the title of this post: Caroline Berg Eriksen — Former model, currently a fitness blogger in Norway, married to Lars-Kristian Eriksen and newly inducted member to the world of motherhood. Read More »

Review: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Scrub

Exfoliating your skin (both on your face and on your body) is something that you should be doing once a week. Scrubbing off those dead skin cells will ensure that your skin is soft, smooth and healthy. Exfoliating your skin is also a great way to eliminate surface dry skin cells, thus bringing out newer, younger looking skin. Read More »

Review + Directions – Etude House Q10 Mask Review

Etude House is a very popular Asian brand that offers a variety of lovely products fit for any modern day princess — from skin care items, perfumes, to cosmetics. I’ve already made a review of their Baby Choux Make-up Base and you have to check it out if you haven’t already. Read More »

Rain, Rain — Now what to do?

So you’re staying indoors today, ey? Yes, rainy or gloomy weather is not so motivating but there are better things to do than just laying around, watching TV, snacking, and taking a nap. These activities might be perfect for rainy weather but it’s better if you don’t spend your day lazing around. Get up! Turn off your TV and read on for GetPretty’s boredom-proof “What to do on a rainy day” List. Read More »

Elliot Sailors — From Female to Male and Loving it!

With Andrej Pejic, the iconic androgynous model from Australia, as her inspiration, Elliot Sailors has successfully made the transition to working as a female model to cutting her hair short, to wearing suits and plaid shirts, and to hanging up her skirts and bikinis. At the age of 30, she made the daring decision of “relaunching” her career posing as a male model. Read More »